upgrade phono stage ?

As a given, I buy from an audio dealer who accepts trade ins, and I must work with what is available.
I am thinking of either upgrading my Bias 2 cartridge to an Elys 2, or upgrading my NAD PP2 to a Rega Phono. It seems that an improvement in phono stage could pull more from the Bias 2 cartridge, whereas the cartride upgrade might not be as beneficial with the same NAD PP2 phonostage ?
My PP2 had a presence peak. Assuming this is normal, I would upgrade that so you can hear what a better cart has to offer.

What's the budget for a phone stage? Personally not a big fan of Rega, but I don't think I have heard the Rega Phono.
Garn509, upgrade the PP2. If your budget is goodly, then grab something like the Sim Audio MOON 310LP this will get you thru to your next TT upgrade and possible into your third. The next step up could be a Lehmann Audio Black Cube or Dynavector P-75 mkII with your setup.

I had a PP2 and it's the bottom of the heap imo.

Good luck!
I have a P75 II also, I would skip that as well.
Upgrade yr phono to a Whest 20 or Graham Slee for MM. Both much better than Rega.

The Dyna P75 is special only if used in conjunction with Dyna carts. With other makes of cart, they sound very ordinary.
>>01-05-11: Blue_starfish
The Dyna P75 is special only if used in conjunction with Dyna carts<<


There is nothing unique about the P-75 which makes it "special" with Dynavector cartridges. Some may prefer the combination while others may not.

It's purely subjective.

Dealer disclaimer
Musical Surroundings Nova or Nova Phonomena, the Phonomena is surprisingly good. Either used is a good deal!!!
If there is plenty of life in your cartridge then a phono upgrade would be my recommendation. However I agree with the above that get one that will last you a turntable upgrade. If it were me 2nd hand Lehman Black Cube, MS Phenomona or Ray Samuels Nighthawk would be great value. Everyone I know who has bought the Dynavector has on sold it in less than 12 months.
If I go the trade in/upgrade route with this dealer, and stay under $200, my choices are limited to what he has. I can stretch to Clearaudio entry level, but have been cautioned that Clearaudio and Benz cartridges are taller than Regas, meaning the Rega tonearm must be shimmed. My questions about Clearaudio
are posted in other threads
dover, those may be very good phono stages, and whee can they be found?