Upgrade phono cartridge for Rega P3-24

Ok, I posted to this forum a while back regarding a replacement phono cartridge for my Rega P3-24 (It has the Elys II mounted). I was provided with a lot of advice, most of it related to the quality of the rest of my system, suggesting that I upgrade in those areas (most suggestions were for a different preamp) before I consider an upgrade to the cartridge.

My system at that time was:
1. Quad 22L2 Speakers
2. Adcom GFA 555 Amplifier
3. Cambridge Audio Azur 640 CD Player
4. Stock Rega P3-24
5. NAD C-162 Preamplifier

Since that time, I have done the following:
1. Purchased another Adcom GFA 555 Amp and an now biamping to the Quads
2. Have a Herbie's turntable mat to replace the stock felt Rega mat.
3. Sold the NAD Preamp and purchased a Cary SLP-94 with phono on Audiogon
4. Purchased a TTPSU for the Rega.
5. Built an isolation platform for the Rega with two hardwood shelves and Squash balls in between.
6. Bought a couple of Aurelex Subdudes for the speakers to isolate them a bit better.

So, the upgrades have made a big difference. The Cary has made the biggest difference, making it a joy to listen to CDs, and opening up the Rega. Herbie's mat damped my lp sound very well. TTPSU really stabilized the speed of the Rega. My home made TT isolation platform, believe it or not, really helped, as did the Subdudes.

Now I'm wondering if a new cartridge for the Rega would be advised, and if so, which ones might I consider given my current rig?

Sorry for the long post, but I really respect the advice I get on this site. Any help would be appreciated.

From the Elys2 (I've had the table & cart), an upgrade will be: Rega Exact2, Dynavector 20X H/L, Ortofon 2M Black, higher end Clearaudio MM. The Elys2 is quite good. I don't think the Dynavector 10x5 is much of an upgrade, more different than better (to my ears).

Remember you'll need at least 1 2mm spacer with these carts. If the Herbie mat is the same thickness as the Rega, if different you may need more, or none.

I've moved on to another table (Michell) and am still using my 2M Black. I'm looking at a change (for change sake more than anything) to either a Dynavector or Soundsmith.

Another upgrade you should look at is the Groovetracer reference subplatter. I preferred the stock rega mat and stock glass platter. I also upgraded to a heavyweight at the time.
The Lyra cartridges also sound very good in the Rega table/arm combos. The Dorian and Argo i are well worth investigating. They are MC cartridges that output about .6mv and mount easily in the Rega arm. Both are also available used on Agon as well. Add a Mint tractor for best alignment and you are good-to-go.
Thanks CJ:
I'm wondering if the Exact will be a significant upgrade from the Elys2. The 2M Black seems to be one that a lot of people choose for the P3-24.

I've been checking out the Groovetracer subplatter but wasn't sure that it would make a difference. Same with the counterweight.

You've got a Mitchell. Damn those things are great looking. Bet it sounds fantastic.
Hello Pkubica:
Thanks for the tip on the Lyra, Dorian and Argo. Mint tractor, huh? Ok, I'm off to go looking at the 2M, Lyras, Dorian, and Argo.
In the Stereophile review of the P3/24, they comment on the difference between the Exact and Elys. The subplatter makes a big difference. Weight, probably less so.

I personally think to really better the Elys2 you will need to spend about 2x it's price, in the $600 range. You won't get double the performance of course, but you will get better defined and smoother highs, and better bass texture and impact. At least that is what I noticed pretty clearly.

Mint tractor is an alignment protractor, do a search on MintLP on google.
Thanks Cj:
After I posted to you, I looked on Agon for Lyra. They sell really fast. I can get into a Clearaudio for $800 or $900. I'm going to look around, see if I can hear the cartridges somewhere (should be able to find something in NYC, I'm only 1 1/2 hours out). I'll order the subplatter and see how that works. Thanks for your help.
I just replaced my Elys II to an Exact on my recently purchased P3-24. The Exact is well....much more exact.

Better definition all the way around. Much more dynamic as well.
I'm extremely happy with the way the music sounds through my P3-24/Exact 2 combination. Terrific synergy with the rest of my system, and a great match for my large collection of 1950's - 1960's jazz LP's. I also swapped put the Rega felt for the Herbie's mat, and definitely noticed an improvement. TTPSU ??, maybe, later on......but, for now, I love my analog front end just the way it is. Good Luck, and Happy Listening.
Hi No Money and Adam:
Thanks. I was waiting to hear from those who had the Exact and who had switched from the Elys. Sounds like the Exact does substantially improve the P3-24. I'm going to check it out. I also love the Rega. For the money, it really does give you a taste of high end analog. I've got around 750 albums dating back to the 60's, cleaned them up on a VPI 16.5, and many of them sound terrific. Happy times at home.
The Exact cartridge is a good cartridge... no knocks there. My thoughts are that the Exact cartridge would be a good match for a stock P3-24, but with the upgrades that you have added to your table, you could easily justify more cartridge and get more improvement. The Lyra Dorian would be a nice step up from the Exact. Just make sure your phono stage will handle the .6mv MC cartridge.
Hi Pkubica:
My Cary SP94/L phono section recommends a minimum output of 1.4mv. I will need a need a phono preamp, one I can trust will not compromise the Dorian. But, you know, if the Rega can handle it and the change really improves the sound, I'll find a way to do it. I love analog even though the cost is high. Thanks again for your help.
It would not hurt to try it without any other phono stage. It may or not be loud enough for your taste, but it should sound good. You actually would not need a complete phono stage, just a good quality step up transformer too bump up the MC output to that of a MM for your Cary.

kanskaudio.com has the Lundahl transformers (MC Phono Input Transformers). It's a step up kit for MC cartridges, easy and good solution, used as a MC front end in a lot of good phono stages.