Upgrade phono cable for new Project DC Carbon TT?

Recently purchased Project's new Carbon DC turntable supplied with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge

Is it worth upgrading the phono cable (with ground wire) to something better. The supplied cable is thin and looks like junk. Please offer any suggestions.

BTW, I have at least 8 interconnects with no ground wire.I tried one, but there was a buzz coming from both speakers

Nevertheless, could I run a ground wire from the turntable chassis to ground lead on my integrated "without the ground wire being built into the IC or coming out of both ends of the cable??? Would that eliminate the buzz by just using an "ungrounded" IC, or do I need to just buy another phono cable???

The table comes with an Ortofon 2M RED and its body will acoomodate the better 2M Blue stylus. Will or can the new carbon tonearm on this table work with other more expensive cartridges or even a high output MC??? (That might be pushing it a bit and not worth the extra bucks for a better cartridge)
You need to use an IC with a low capacitance. You can use an IC and attach a ground cable from your tt to a ground on your preamp, but sonic results will vary if the capacitance is not a match.
Blue Jeans Cable sells ICs for TTs.

The Ortofon Blue 2M (or higher) would be a real upgrade.
And yes, you can attach a ground wire from a metal part on your tt to a ground on your preamp; attaching the ground wire to different parts of the TT have better or worse results as far as eliminating buzz.
Try all of your IC's. For your application, some cables work much better than others. With 8 different cables, I would be surprised if couldn't get at least one that will work for you.
I set one up for a neighbor who the dealer let borrow a Ortofon Blue 2M stylus , good step up.
For chuckles I tried an Ortofon Black 2M I have which didn't sound much better in that arm and certainly does
on my Project 9cc arm.
On acoustic music one cart I've heard sound real good on the 8" arm is a Sumiko Pearl.
If you see one cheap on here the Morrow PH cables made for TT sound good.
I bought my son a Debut Carbon and tried various levels of AQ cables I had on hand and went back to the supplied one since it sounded just as good. The 2M is a very good cartridge for $100 retail.