Upgrade phenomenon

What do you call the improvement to your system that you get after you’ve made a new purchase, but before you’ve even received the new component, speaker, cable, or doohickey? I shifted my speakers a tiny bit. I looked at the GIK website and took some room measurements to investigate room treatments. I bought my first new tube power amp after months of agonizing and research and saving spare change (and maybe a little embezzlement, but that’s a secret). I bought some new cables. But I haven’t changed anything yet, just placed the orders. Is my system just happy because I’m finally giving it some TLC and buying it presents? 
This is the sickness of this hobby. Your changes might not be better but they will be different. Been there done it heard it. It's a game and if you have the $$ then it will be worth it.
Keep us posted on the changes and what you hear.
I agree.  When you make changes, what you will hear may
surprise you, and in many different directions, right?
Think: vibration control, for your new additions.
Give yourself the best chance to succeed.

Allow time for break in; let the electronics and cables settle.
Resolve not to pass judgement on, or make changes to, your initial new setup for one whole week.

Can you do it???
Looks like you are in for fun! I hope it turns out to your satisfaction. 

I diagnose as Upgrade Anticipation Anxiety.  :) 

I don't think the first two posters understood the question.  It sounds like you did actually change something (speaker placement).  That might be responsible for the improvement you hear.
Speaker placement and room ARE the game changer.
Novelty with new additions wear off, if you keep reading forums. AN(audio nervosa) is highly contagious reading these forums.
Get your new gear/room together and just enjoy it.
Nothing new has been put in yet. I was doing some critical listening to try to etch the before sound into memory (even though it should already be there). I think what I'm feeling is close to buyer's remorse and anxiety that my tin ears won't hear a difference, much less an improvement. I literally moved that speaker all of one inch, maybe. In reality there hasn't been some dramatic change; I'm just worried that I pissed away a bunch of money. We'll see after I wait for delivery and give it some time to burn in. Logic says a new tube power amp (Primaluna HP) is going to sound quite different than a 20 year old solid state integrated (Musical Fidelity A300). Of course then I'll need to decide if using the integrated as a pre, running straight from the source, or buying an inexpensive interim pre will sound better until I figure out the next step.
Tube gear makes you a better person even if you haven't installed it yet...your skin clears up, people pay closer attention to what you say, and you get slightly taller. Once the gear is installed, most of the above levels off.
+1 wolf_garcia LOL hilarious!

cat_doorman, what’s to stress over, unless you shouldn’t have spent the money! I suggest you get totally stressed, upset stomach, itchy, sleepless... maybe even tension headaches. It all helps the distressing when the equipment comes and you realize that things do actually change rather dramatically.

Then you can begin the process of great self-congratulation for being such a genius in buying equipment unheard and having such a big positive result! You can conclude that now you are SO close to state of the art sound that it’s not possible for it to get any better.

In other words, the typical Audiophile Nervosa experience. ;)

Seriously, try all variants, because no one here can tell you which system setup will be superior to your ears. For inspiration, read my recent review of the Kinki Studio EX-M1+ Integrated Amplifier at Dagogo.com
Ignore the sound quality discussion, as you just bought and do not want to second guess. Pay attention to the need for exploring alternative configurations. You are on the right track.

But, really, you need to do something about your stress level! ;)
I'm sure impressed with my Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP power amp.  It's better than anything else I've heard in my system - McIntosh, McCORMACK, and several lesser amps as well.  If you bought without hearing a demo, you're in for a very pleasant treat.
@wolf_garcia at last audio advice I can believe in. Lol

@douglas_schroeder I stress about EVERYTHING. That’s my major hobby. ;)
Since I’ve had the same basic setup for a long time I’m planning on trying to experience a lot of different audio flavors. On the way is a tube amp that can run EL34 to KT150 tunes in ultralinear or triode. And rolling the 12AU7 gain tubes should add ever more coloring options. A beefy SS and maybe a little class A will add more combos once I figure out a few preamp options. I’m determined to home demo the Zu Omen DW next run and probably the Magnepan LRS too. Klipsch, Focal, and Spendor are on my list of in store listening (whenever I can make it to the big city). There are so many great DACs to choose from too. At some point I may even venture down the vinyl rabbit hole that I’ve successfully avoided so far. I imagine I’ll end up with at least 2 systems with spare components before I’m done. Bookmarked your review but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. 
@bhakti-rider glad to hear more positive reassurance. I haven’t demoed anything in years, but I’ve read quite a bit over time. I finally pulled the trigger so I could buy new before they’re all gone. I like to buy new if it’s something with a warranty that I plan on keeping. They’ve already taken the legacy products off the Primaluna website. 

When you’re ready for a real ear opener, try the Perfect Path Technologies E-Mat+ to be put under most any component. Within a week or so, get ready for much more realistic sounding music in all ways. Just gets better with each mat you buy. Also, put one on the door of your circuit panel. It will effect your whole house. Everything will work better, Even the fridge will cool better, TV picture and sound will improve, your electrical bills will decrease, and your stereo will start to remind you of why you got into this fun hobby in the first place. I got 3 mats and have just had my first really big deal with them. The sound becomes so real you will not believe it. Your speakers will impress you more than they ever have no matter how good or bad they were before.
This is for real. It will be the best money you ever spent on your system--no matter how good the rest of your gear is.


@noromance I drew the line at fresh vs. frozen veggies. A cook has his priorities... : )

I've owned a PL HP since it was introduced.  It's perfect for the non -OCD listener. You can either leave it stock, or fuss with it. It's lies right in the middle of audio nonsense. You get a healthy slice of what REALLY nice gear sounds like, for less dough.

Plenty of reviews from both users and mags that align with my ears.

It will drive just about any popular speaker discussed on forums,indestructible, build quality compared to finest and maintenance free.

As you mentioned you can try different tubes to find "your sound." The PL HP is worthy of nice sources, and capable of showing them in their best light.

Focal pairs nicely  with PL. Trust your own ears, though. No one here knows "what's best"
cat_doorman:" Nothing new has been put in yet."
douglas_shroeder:" In other words, the typical Audiophile Nervosa experience. ;)

Hello Cat,

      I'm an Audio Psychiatrist and, as I'm sure my colleague and fellow AP Dr. Shroeder is well aware, his diagnosis of your condition as Audio Nervosa (AN) has multiple variants with the diagnosis typically dictated by the patients's symptoms and the treatment dictated by the diagnosis. Variants of AN:

Symptoms-  Equipment performance anxiety or failure to be excited prior to equipment insertion.
Diagnosis-  Equiptile Dysfunction (ED)
Treatment- Viagra, Cialis and viewing audio porn.

Symptoms- Overly excited prior to equipment insertion.
 Diagnosis- Premature Equipulation (PE)
Treatment-  A general numbing agent applied to the equipment and thinking about baseball.

Disclaimer:   The quality level and value of Dr Tim's Audio Psychiatrist advice and his psychiatric services rendered are directly proportionate to the amount of fees charged. 

Dr. Tim
Take a look at my thread... I explain how with almost no cost or very low one, with homemade solutions, and low cost products I created Hi-Fi experience... It is fun and you will feel very proud at the end... read my last post there that explain my principle and endeavour...

The one who takes his audio fate in his own ends smile....Way more simpler than you think, and way more fun than buying new costly electronic components...

@noble100 it could be one of many System Transient Disorders as well. Do I need a blood test or can you diagnose me over the internet?
Hello cat_doorman,

     Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually an amateur Audio Psychiatrist and I have an amateur surgery room setup in my garage.
    I usually just wing it with my diagnoses but in your case, being as you are actually a doorman for cats, I'm able to make a purrfectly accurate fake diagnosis  without any pesky tests.  I typically only use blood tests to look more legit when I need some money and I'm scamming some poor sap into an expensive but totally unnecessary brain surgery in my garage.
     I've really got to start using some actual medical instruments instead of the assortment of rusty garden tools I'm currently using.  I'm kinda feeling bad about all the blood, mess, pain and disfigurement I'm causing.  I'm using a spool of weed whacker line to close up my jagged incisions for goodness sake.
     But the money's good and I still really enjoy my work.

Mums the word,
      Dr. Tim