Upgrade path: Rega RS1 vs. Vintage Floorstanders

Hi all, newbie to HIFI audio here. I was wondering if anyone had advice:

I have a Rega Brio-r, Rega RS-1 bookshelves, and Sony autoplay record player.

My old speakers are floorstanding Marantz SP800s, and they are nice and warm, but much less detailed and clear in the upper registers when compared to the RS-1s. I like the RS-1s, the bass is tight instead of boomy, but they are maybe lacking some bass presence overall.

I'm thinking the record player is my next upgrade (Rega RP1?) but I'm not sure whether to:
a) stick with the Marantz speakers and eventually get better quality floorstanders.
or b) keep the RS-1s for now, even though they are pricey for something I might replace in the future.

Also, what kind of improvement in quality can I expect to see with a new record player?

Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.
I had the R1's and I also liked them very much, but I felt they lacked some bass. I traded them to my local dealer and got a pair of RS3's which I like very much. They seem to maintain the resolution and detail of the R1 (or RS1) and have the added bass of the side-firing woofer.
I had the RS-1 same problem with the brio r,
I bought a pair of system audio SA2K they are monitors but with more bass and the most sweet sounding speaker I ever try.
If you find a pair used for around 1k don't hesitate to pull the trigger,
Prime stuff.
RS 1's have no real downside, only vintage I ever heard they could compete are Spica 50's and more neutral than them.
Need more base,get a small sub. Some money as Maddie MMG
and FAR better on acoustic music.I own RS 1's and RS3's and MMG's and feel the RS1 is a more musical speaker than either.