Upgrade path question. Upgrade analog or turn to digital?

I am running a full analog rig and my beloved cartridge needs service soon (6 months about) so I am wondering if I should sell the analog rig (tt+phono+lps) and rather buy digital source. I am planning to upgrade it later if I am not going digital. 

I am satisfied playing lps, I do it when I can focus on music, but sometimes it`s tempting to have the same quality, just a button away. I can afford either the digital or the analog upgrade and I don`t have the space for both. I am thinking about two scenarios. 

Change the diamond in the Ikeda, rewire the tonearm, change the bearing, add a DS Audio ION-001, max out the VPI Classic 1. It`s sittin on a Shun Mook maple board and heavy sandbox right now, looking for a serious platform north 2000 dollars used or that money goes to the phono upgrade.
Upgrade the phono later, what I save on the digital goes here. I am hoping for a used Aries Cerat, but would be happy with other OTL solutions.

I sell the analog rig and going digital. I was thinking about to buy a streamer north 5K used and either a ESOTERIC D-02X, Aries Cerat Kassandra II, or similar. 

I am planning to upgrade the integrated amp either way, the room treatment almost done.

Or a C version,

Gryphon Diablo 120 with DAC and call it a day.





@4krowme I've finally finished my streaming setup, far superior to my vinyl which is not half bad, so now in process of upgrading my vinyl setup. Both can be entirely satisfying, only financial considerations should impact going with both or limiting oneself to either of the two.


By the way, not sure what you meant by comment of having to pay monthly fee for music, but I could make good case its practically criminal the small amount they charge us for these services!



   First off, I appreciate the way that you respectfully raise this question, so thanks. 


 I must explain myself better here. Since a long time ago, I have observed how we pay for more and more in services that were not supported by subscription in the past. I do understand however, that it is a choice and not forced so much as it may seem.


  To be sure, I am a very rare individual these days. That is not so much a compliment as another observation. For example, to this day, I have never owned any kind of cell phone. When I look at how the world population has accepted what I would call the 'Vegas of communication', I have chosen not to participate unless I find an actual need. Even my computer and skills with it are pretty limited because, again, it is all that I require.


 I am not going to grandstand here. This is just my personal choice. I am the same guy who didn't see the big deal about 'touch tone phones' as opposed to dial when they came out.

 Maybe this sorts things out a bit? 

i’m as all in with my vinyl as anyone, own 3 great turntables and 12,000 records, yet also all in on my digital and streaming, since that is where the new music is.

my point being follow your musical tastes. if you love to explore musically then you need a solid streaming digital front end to compliment your vinyl.

let the music dictate. if you have to choose i'd do the streaming and come back to the vinyl later.

Will you miss the vinyl ritual, or be liberated by the digital variety?  On paper you can build a great streaming system, but the devil is in the details.  So, if we were talking about your new found love for performance piano and have thoughts of turning pro..maybe don't quit your day job prior to making sure that your new gig is working out.

I am with you @mikelavigne just not quite to the extent you have committed . I enjoy digital and analog, streaming and server, LP, and like them for what they do well and do not dwell on what they lack. No matter the format enjoy the music.