Upgrade path from Windows laptop music server

I think my old HP laptop is the weak point in my system.  It's an i5 with 8meg connected to a Benchmark DAC (may be upgraded) over a Wireworld USB.  I'm running JRiver to play my 200 ripped CD'S, listen to Radio Paradise and WWOZ Internet radio, and have just signed up to Qobuz high-res.  I thought I was computer literate but the array of new options for computer audio is intimidating.  So, asking for guidance.  My goal is the best sound, which I see as delivering the best signal to the DAC.

Should I keep the laptop but configure a network bridge from SOtM, Sonore, or others?  This is all new to me.
If so, should I/ can I run Ethernet from nearby router to bridge?
Will JRiver still work?
Are there great laptops that solve the problem? (assuming there is a problem)
Do I trash the laptop altogether?

I want to end up with something with a good user-interface free of arcane techy complexity.

Thanks for any advice or past experience 

@Jazzman7: Thx for info. To answer your questions:

It's the main system with floorstander speakers.  I have some headphones but rarely choose to use them.

The rest of the system is Benchmark DAC2 HGC running fixed output into a Modwright 36.5 linestage, into a VAC 200IQ tube amp to Sonist Concerto 4 Rev2 speakers. Interconnects are Benchmmark XLR.

As for price range, I don't mind paying for great sound quality. My amp and pre are used but "new" makes sense in a quickly evolving area like digital streaming.
I use a Node2i to a Benchmark DAC3B to McIntosh integrated to Joseph Audio Perspective  and get great sound. I have the Node hard wired and use an android tablet as a controller,  BluOS is very user friendly.  There are more expensive streamers but the Node is a great entry and I haven't  had the upgrade itch yet.
@Jazzman7: In your #1 / Bluesound route, where would electroslacker store his music files? Or is that option only for streaming, no files?
I store my music files on a NAS and the Node2i finds it on the network.
I was using my laptop with windows 10 and jriver to stream. I think the weak point is the computer because it is not a dedicated streaming device. I bought a bluesound node 2i and the difference was immediately noticed. Buying a streamer with only one purpose and operating software is the best way to go. There are many great streamers and servers that will be much better than a multi-use computer.