Upgrade path from Rowland Model 10

Just out of curiosity, have any of my fellow Audiogoners upgraded from their Rowland Model 10s? I think this amp is spectacular, so I am left wondering in what ways it can be improved upon. Have any of you moved on, only to find that what you replaced the 10 with was not truly an upgrade?
If you like the Rowland 10 why not keep within the family take a listen to the Rowland 201's. I went from Rowland Concentra II to Rowland 201 and have no regrets.
I had the Model 12's and chased my tail with other amps. Looking back, I should have kept my 12's and a bunch in my wallet. Unless you have $ to burn, if you are happy with the 10's, keep them and enjoy them for a long time. You have a great amp.

Spend your $ on new music, improving the AC that feeds your amp, source, cables, speakers, tweaks etc. or any other weak link.

Feel free to email me for my experience with power cables for those amps.

Enjoy your 10's and don't fear that you are missing out on anything, unless you need more power.
Dtanclim, Actually I am bi-amping with a pair of 201s for the bottom end. I use the Model 10 for the top end. The 201s are perfect in that application. I have never experimented with the 201s on top, but my ear tells me the 10 is sweeter, warmer and more tube -like than the 201s. Like my original post stated, I ask about a potential upgrade more out of curiosity than anything else because frankly its hard to imagine where an improvement may be had. If someone has replaced the 10 and has never looked back, I'd like to know what with.

I agree that the 10 is likely a little "warmer" sounding than the 201's.

For the fun of it, you may want to try and flip-flop your bi-amp arrangement. I think that the 201 might offer more openness & "air" with greater high frequency extension than the Model 10 gives you.

Have you tried running just the 201's without bi-amping? You may be happily surprised.

Considering the amps that you are using, in a bi-amp configuration, I think that you are wasting your time and flushing $ down the toilet, trying to improve on what you have going on.

A Model 302 would be the likely choice in moving up. However, the trade up will still cost you a bit-o-cash.
I must admit, the thought of bi-amping with a 304 has intrigued me.
I moved on to a 302. It was a VERY big improvement - in ALL areas.