Upgrade path from Adcom gcd 600

I just upgraded my system and scraped together enough funds to go from B&K amp and pre to ARC SP9 MK2 and McCormack DNA-1. Not a huge step by any means but, at least i have units that i can upgrade as soon as more funds become available. Next I am looking at my CD changer which is an Adcom GCD 600 that i bought ten years ago. I would like to get some suggestions on CD/SACD and perhaps DVD in the same unit for <500 used that would make a difference in my system. From reading the threads it appears that there are significant improvements in even the low end models to justify an inexpensive upgrade. Appreciate any suggestions...
I changed the subject as it may have been misleading. I am looking for suggestions on a more current SACD/ CD/ DVD player that would sond better than the adcom GCD600.
you might want to look at this model.


I'm quite sure its under $500. Check with Oade to see if they offers their opamp upgrade for this unit which is reported to bring out a better redbook presentation. Doesn't do DVD audio but everything else and being an "ES" version it does come with a decent warranty. Not the only choice in the marketplace but a definite contender within your budget...