Upgrade path from a B&W N805.

Presently, I am running a pair of N805's with a Velodyne HGS-12. Pre-amp is a BAT VK 30SE driving a Linn Klout with a Arcam CD23 FMJ. Very good wires, interconnects,isolation devices etc. Please believe me this system is "dialed in". I have had many positive comments from people with good ears and even some that do not care for B&W's!

Here is my dilema, I am in a very large room (20X24). The speakers fall short at louder sound levels. Are a pair of N804's the answer? My budjet is limited to about $3K. Thanks in advance for the help.
My upgrade path from my B&W N804s was Paradigm Reference 100.2. I have not regretted it at all and with the cash saved over a more expensive set of speakers, I upgraded my amp. The Paradigms are so much more enjoyable for some reason. I love them to death. Arthur
I'd look at Vandersteen 3A Sigs ($3500.00 new). That would be my upgrade path from the N805s.

I like my REL Strata III with my N805s, and I'd even be happier with 2 of them.
Save up another 100-500 bucks & wait for a nice N803 pair to hit Audiogon. The last few pairs in the 9/10, & 10/10 condition sold for $3100 - 3500 w/ sound anchor stands. The N803's are in an entire different league than the N805/804's. IMO you'll be sorry if you bought N804's? You could sell off the Velodyne HGS-12 to raise extra cash? Good Luck!!!
Buy the N803 and sell or use your Velodyne HGS-12 for home theater. just like audiobugged said wait until somebody sells his/her 803 here on AG.
Try some Thiel 2.4s. You'll never look back to B&W again.

Just my opinion.
Bundy, I'm not sure I have enough power to drive a pair of Theile's. I have heard they like a lot of power. What are you driving them with.
I heard the N802 they sound incredible, you will not
need sub, sell your Hgs, it will work. the NO2 will
fill your room.Find used.