Upgrade Path

15 years ago I bought a system that includes 802 Series III Matrix along with Audio Research electronics (100.2 amp and LS-15 pre). I later upgraded to a Linn Ikemi cd and have enjoyed the results very much. Recently it was suggested that the B&Ws are outdated and that this would be the best way to upgrade. I've been considering an upgrade and know speakers have changed a lot over the last 15 years. Are my trusty old speakers outdated or does it make more sense to look elsewhere, like the cd player, amps or maybe adding a phono stage and turntable instead?
I think that your speakers and electronics are very nice! Why the urge to upgrade? If it sounds good to you...you're the only one that counts.

I'm not a fan of the Linn CD player, but still, you have nice gear.
I'm assuming your AR gear is tubed, and if so, are all tubes properly functioning or within acceptable parameters.? If not, I'd most likely be dissatisfied. -Lars-

If your system still sounds good to you "keep it" as is. There's a lot of people on the 'Gon who are basically into "upgrading" just for the sake of upgrading. As for your speakers being "outdated", who makes/made that determination? The biggest change to speakers IMHO has been in area of "voicing". Before you get another set of speakers you may want to consider, are you going for better or just different? Quite often, different is what you're really getting, and that may or may not be better. Many people have gotten rid of some great speakers, to get something supposely better, only to find out "down the road" that they would been happier keeping what they had orginally.
what kind of cables are you using?
Thanks for the responses so far, I appreciate your opinions. My ARC amp is SS but the pre is a hybrid tubed. The cables are Tara interconnects and Audioquest silver speaker cables. I do like the sound of my system but I know it can get better. The question is how much better and at what cost?

I once heard a Duke Ellington recording at a Joseph's Audio demo that blew me away. The retail value of that system was about $75k. I remember they used Manley electronics, Chord cd player and a very expensive turntable along with the Pearl speakers. The digital tracks sounded great as well, but the vinyl Ellington the the most memorable.
On second thought I believe the digital player in the system I heard was a Classe Omega, not the Chord. Just want to be accurate. Thanks again for the replies.
What does your room / setup look like? IMHO your room has more impact then you'd like to believe.
First IMO, upgrading to new equipment is good for our economy even if it's made outside the USA. Consumer spending stimulates the overall economy and creates new jobs.

Second, oh yes, B&W has vastly improved its technology over the past 15 years and IMO, it's definetly time to upgrade. Their new 600 series loudspeakers for example are fabulous for the money taking component design from their current 800 series units. Even as they compare to the older Series 3, they are superior. I just auditioned the new 683 and compared them to my current DM603-S3s at a local hi-fi store back on 4/7. The difference in instrument separation for example was profound. I could hear far more detail with the new FST technology in the mid-range driver. Study up on them at their website. I actually did order a brand new pair of the 683s in cherry finish. They're on back order though and it could be weeks before I hear anything. I won't wait too long though. Was promised 2 to 3 weeks max.
&WThanks again for the replies. The room is a finished basement with plaster board walls and ceiling. Being a basement, the ceiling height is around 7ft. The floors are carpeted with a sectional couch. I guess some sort of room treatments would help, but I'll have to research that. I have heard and like the 603s very much but I'm not sure they are really an improvement over my 802s. Maybe I need to give them another listen. I have also been impressed with the Sonus Faber Cremona and Audio Physic offerings as well.

The reason I started this thread is because when I inquired at a local audio shop they suggested the speakers were the weak link in my system. I got concerned when he started about how B&W are now Chinese owned (?) and I should sell my 802s before that becomes well known. He immediately lost my credibility with that statement.
No B&W Group (Rotel, B&W) is not Chinese owned. They are still headquartered in England and are an English owned company. They have built an assembly plant in China where some of their speakers are "assembled" there. The loudspeaker components are still made in the UK but shipped over to China for assembly. Rotel hardware is also assembled in the same plant.