Upgrade Pass Labs xa 30.5

Goodmorning everyone.
I could replace my Pass Labs XA 30.5 with a 150.8 or, with more money, with a 250.8.
I mainly listen to Jazz and acoustic music and in my room it is not very big but my speakers, Totem Mani 2, are quite difficult to pilot and maybe more power could be useful.
I add that my current preamp is a Pass Labs XP10.
I ask the Pass Labs brand exponents: second would you like to be a significant upgrade or the company is not worth the expense? If the 150.8 is enough or is it better to aim directly at 250.8?
Thank you
The Mani 2's are only  80.7dB efficient so yes more watts would be better than what the XA30.5 can give, but going to an X and not an XA you'll loose out on that Class-A magic that the XA series give, better to go XA 100.8 or XA160.8, the load the Mani's give is hard 3ohms at 40hz, and from 150hz to 300hz, but the Pass amps will be fine.

Cheers George