upgrade or replace rega planar 3

Hi all,
Just looking for some opinions here. I have a rega planar 3 with an rb600 arm and a denon 103 cartridge. I have been bitten by the upgrade bug. My question is is it worth doind the various upgrades to the planar 3 sich as a deep groove sub platter and acylic platter, or should I just scrap the 3 and upgrade the whole table? Any opinions either way. My budget for a new table/arm combo would be around $1,200.
I listen to mostly rock and jazz.
Didn't we have this same question yesterday? I guess everyone wants to upgrade their Rega tables!
Sorry, I just checked and it was on January 12. Seems like yesterday.
Upgrade to a used Sota or VPI for that budget.
Do us and yourself a favour and upgrade first those Audioquest super-junk cales unless you already did.
I would definitely upgrade the table, Rega makes acceptable arms and lousy tables. Among mid-priced tables Nottingham should be on everyone's list in addition to others.
The upgraded Rega has been compared to the Sota Star Saphire by someone who owns a Sota Star Saphire and it came out a draw. Since you have the rb600 arm, it is absolutely worth it to you. Not only that, but Rega is better for jazz than Sota.

I'm a jazz fanatic, and I have a P-3 24 with every Rega tweek known to man.
I would calculate the costs of the upgrades vs the cost of a new table minus the sale of your Planar 3. Inna's comments aside, Rega builds very nice turntables-so the Planar 3 may indeed be worthy of an upgrade, especially since you have already upgraded to the RB600 arm. Things I would upgrade in order would be:

1. New 24v motor and PSU
2. Groovetracer subplatter
3. Groovetracer plater

These upgrades will significantly raise the performance of the Planar 3 to almost P5 levels-the main issue, as I see it, is that you will still own a Planar 3. I had a similar decision to make regarding my P25-I decided to buy a used, but well taken care of, P7. I made the right decision.
Inna, my Rega P-3 fit your description, it was flat, until I replaced the tonearm wire, the motor, the sub platter, the acrylic platter, and installed the heavy weight arm balance; after that, it sang.
Orpheus10, that would be almost a new turntable, and it probably cost you another $1k or so. I would just see no reason to do that, nor would I trust a company that makes "junk" in stock form, be it turtable, car or whatever.
By the way, I keep looking for something to post in that video/music thread. Nothing so far.
I dont know whos review or what model of Sota Sapphire or upgrade Rega you are referring to, but I have owned a Sota Sapphire III and Rega P3, both using RB300 arms and the Rega isnt in the same league, not by a long shot, whether you are comparing bass, quietness, speed regulation, isolation from external vibrations, PRAT or any other item. Its just a better made and performing turntable. Have you actually owned and compared both?
Inna, you're right, it was about 1K. We set the bar so high that it's very hard to reach.
Manitunc, the Sota Sapphire is a fantastic table with a good suspension. The person who made the comparison was someone who had tweeked the Rega with the same tweeks I made. That should be here on the "Gon". When the tonearm wire is replaced with "Incognito" and the sub platter which uses a "Sapphire bearing", plus acrylic platter, plus "Techno heavy weight" arm balance, plus the P-3-24 motor; which is much quieter than the stock P-3 motor, you have an entirely different P-3.

I only record, and I use my Rega on the concrete basement floor. This negates the need for a suspension.

I agree with your statement in regard to the stock P-3 and the Sota Sapphire.
Hi Skipper - IMO, you should buy a used P5. The main difference between it and the P3-24 is the RB-700 arm, which is quite a bit better arm than the 300. You should be able to stay within that budget, P5's have been going from between 900 and 1300 for the past year or so on this site.
Look into a used Rega P7 or the new RP6. Slightly over your budget but a P7 sounds alot closer to a P9 then a P5 or P25. Have not demoed the RP6 yet, but it looks promising for $1495.
I agree with Dayglow-the P7 is a significant upgrade over the P5. A nice used P7 will run around $1600. The P7 includes the TT PSU, the bearing assembly and sub-platter from the P9, and a model specific ceramic platter. It's a great table.