Upgrade or Keep

I have a Classe SSP-30 that is about 15 years or so. I use it for home theater and a little for 2 channel audio.

It can not process anything higher than DTS and doesnt have HDMI capability. I am thinking of upgrading but I dont have the AV bug as much as I did 15 years ago.

My question is if I was to switch out my processor for a more modern one with all the decoding abilities of today and HDMI inputs and output, if I went with a lower end processor like a Emotiva UMC-1, does the advances in technology in a lower end model make up for the lower quality electronics?

My classe is great and sounds wonderful but I want the additional decoding opportunities for movies without spending $2500 again.

I hope this makes sense. More modern lower end or antiquated higher end processor? what to do, what to do???!