Upgrade options from Michell Gyro SE

I currently have a Michell Gyro SE/Technoarm with Sumiko Blackbird cartridge, and am pondering upgrade options. Do any previous Gyro SE owners have any experiences they can share on this? Thanks.
Upgraded from the Gyro SE to a Gyrodec. This is more of an aesthetic upgrade given the acrylic dustcover.The superior record clamp does add a sonic dimension.Seriously though the HR Power Supply makes a huge difference.The Orbe platter is also rated high. I love the brass cylinders of the Gyrodec and would never contemplate the Orbe platter for visual reasons alone.I started with a Rega RB300 ans a Sumiko BluePoint2 cart.These have made way for a RB 1000 and a Lyra Helikon.The arm and the cart can make a huge difference.
You have a large menu to choose from. Enjoy the journey...sometimes its better than the destination!!
my upgrade was moving to a maplenoll ariadne table. I liked the gyro but the rega arm was a pain to optimize. My daughter is using it now. Not sure if you are wanting to upgrade the gyro by adding michell additions. If so, the pete riggle vta would probably be one option to get the most out of the technoarm
not sure what sunnyboy is talking about. The SE version is a Gerodec without the acrylic base & cover. Otherwise everything is the same. Not suer if you are looking to upgrade to a different table all together or just wanting to upgrade some parts of the table. If you intend to keep the Gyro SE, you may want to check out some of the upgrades offer by Michell, like the record clamp, power supply, or the spindle & platter. These basically make your table more like the Orbe SE. Gert Petersen offers aftermarket mods. He has a following with some Gyro/Orbe users. And maybe going to an SME IV.Vi or V arm?

I started analog looking at the Gyro SE. After doing all the research, I knew I would end up adding all those upgrades. So Iended up buying an Orbe SE instead w/ SME V arm and a Shelter 901.

By the way, Michell tables were developed using SME arms.

I thought my comments were perfectly clear - the movement from a SE to a Gyrodec( and not Gerodec!) is an upgrade.It has little sonic benefits coz you add an acrylic dustcover plus a superior record clamp. If like many Gyro owners you prefer to spin the platter with the dustcover in place, it should protect the stylus/cart from unwelcome vibrations.
One tweak or mod that I can strongly recommend is some thing I read about in a review on another site. Namely, wrap the springs(encased in aluminum cylinders) in cotton wool.You can use normal surgical cotton available at any pharmacy.The tweak is almost free.It dampens the ringing that Gert Peterson addresses in his several mods.Believe me the difference is not small.
I haven't tried any of the Peterson mods on my Gyrodec (there seem to be polarized opinions on the Peterson mods) but I think that playing vinyl with the dustcover on the Gyro (up or down) is a bad idea if you're seeking the best sound quality.

As to the original poster's question, I think that an arm upgrade would probably be an obvious choice unless one wants to go to a totally different table.
Shoegazer, I would upgrade the arm first to an RB600 or RB900. Then either the platter upgrade and next a cart. upgrade. I have an OrbeSE and my latest cart. and phonostage upgrades were the biggest improvements I have heard in a long time. The PH5 totally transformed my Orbe. I was seriously thinking my TT was a limiting factor but it was my phonostage (and I tried a few). I also dumped my use of a clamp. In my system it really degraded the sound. I'm still amazed by how much.
Thanks for the feedback. Does anyone have any experience upgrading to a different table altogether? I may consider this too.
A friend moved from a some Gyro version to a Galibier on my recommendation. To say he's pleased would be a serious understatement. Night and day. Camry to Carrera. Etc.

Thanks for the tip on using the cotton on the springs. I will have to try that. I wanted to try the Pedersen upgrade, but was not comfortable about the idea that I would not be able to "undo" the upgrade if I don't like the sound.

As stated earlier, the opinions on the Pedersen upgrade seem to be very polarized. I think I will just get the armboard upgrade and do the cotton tweak and call it a day.