Upgrade Options for BPT Pure Power Center

I am planning to get a BPT Pure Power Center. There are many upgrade options available for the PPC and I am unsure which one would yield considerable effects compared to the standard unit.

For the outlets, I do not plan to upgrade them to FIM 880 or Oyaides but would appreciate if anyone could let me know if they brought improvements compared to the standard premium Hubbell 5362.

As for the other upgrade options, I am confused on which one to choose :-

1) OFHC 4N oxygen free copper 12 AWG Litz stranded wiring
2) 4N 10AWG solid silver wiring
3) 6N UP-OCC single crystal copper 12 AWG straded wire

The standard wiring is custom 12 AWG finely stranded oxygen free copper wire. I would appreciate if anybody would let me know which is a worthwhile wiring upgrade to the standard.

Any opinions and advice would be appreciated.
After looking at your system, I would suggest you may want to reconsider and go for the CPC or one of the BP units. I recently purchased a CPC that has most of the offered upgrades including a 300VA LoNo balanced isolation transformer for 2.5 amps of balanced power, which is perfect for running my cd player and isolating that from the rest of the system, while running my preamp and monoblocks off the other outlets. Options that I have in addition to the transformer include Bybees, 2 Oyaide outlets, a 30 amp high current filter, and ERS cloth. I believe the CPC offers more flexibility and may be a better value compared to the PPC. I believe Chris at BPT is currently offering a special buy on the CPC here on Audiogon you might want to check out. I cannot speak directly to the differences between the Oyaide outlets and Hubbels since I did not upgrade but received the unit already with the upgraded outlets. I can say they certainly grip well. For wire characteristics, you should probably talk with Chris at BPT.
Thanks for the response. I have emailed Chris and he is pretty responsive to my queries. I don't know what is the difference between the CPC and PPC but will find out soon. The upgrade options seem irresistible but the price of the unit may shoot up to 2X the stock unit or more, depending on the upgrades.
The upgrades and the different BPT products can be seen here:
not to hijack but has anyone tried experimenting with footers on the pure power center. Thinking about some isonodes, herbies or even myrtle blocks. I recently threw some tenderfeet under my sb3's power supply and was happy with the very audible difference.
I have received the BPT with Oyaide R-1 and Bybee Quantum Purifiers. Out from the box, the sound has improved slightly -difficult to describe the differences. It seems like the sound was more 3-d like and instruments have more body and sounded more real. I have to wait until it's further run-in and I hope the sound will improve more after that.

Chris has my highest recommendation as he gives good advice and attends to all my questions meticulously. He seems to be quite ethical in his business. Just a happy customer.
After a few more hours of listening yesterday night, I now can confirm that this thing really made a difference in my system.

The most prominent was the background noise that was significantly reduced. I have confirmed this my playing a particular track from Fourplay "Bali Run". Normally I can hear a considerable hiss at the opening of the track. With the BPT, the hiss was not only gone but I couldn't hear it after I cranked the volume up a few notches.

The other difference I heard was a slight "softening" at the upper registers. The sound of instruments was slightly rounded up and less metallic. In other words, the harshness at the top end was eliminated and the overall sound was more organic and real which further increased listening pleasure.

I have just used this unit for less than 2 hours. I have been informed by Chris that this unit will improve with another 400-500 hours burn-in with AC current pulled through the unit. I cannot imagine how will my system sound by then. Now I realize the importance of good quality power. I am now looking forward to reaching the 500 hours mark, probably in 6-7 months time!
Ryder, did you make it to the 500 hour mark with your upgraded BPT PPC, and if so, did you notice improvement?
Hi Androux,
I did make it to the 500 hour mark, much more than that in actual fact as the unit is still in my system. Well, I can't say that I noticed a noticeable improvement after the break-in period. If there is it would be subtle at best. It is a fine unit though as I got most of my gears connected to it except the power amp which sounded better connected directly to the wall outlet.