upgrade old cd player

I am looking to upgrade my old Cal Audio Ikon mk II
and have around 4OOO usd to spend.
I would appreciate recommendations.

Other equipment includes conrad johnson preamp pv14 ls,
cJ power amp mv 60, spendor 8e speakers. Non descript

Thanks in advance Dan
Hi dannymc,

From the description of your rig I guess you must be listening mainly (of course I could be wrong)to jazz and classic. I heard the new Classé CDP-100 a few times in long listening sessions dutring witch I played all kinds of stuff: jazz trios, chamber music, lieders with piano, choral works and big symphonic stuff. The sound is crisp and very detailed with a great sense of air. Imaging is precise but a bit in front of the speakers. Overall a very tight performer with great musicality. I could also recommend what I own, witch is a YBA intégré. I bought this player after listening to Bruckner symphony #8 on a Clear Audio master reference turntable. A truly great moment. Then I saw this little player and asked for a listen. I had brought a cd of Bruckner's 7th (last Karajan recording whith Vienna). I was expecting a shock in terms of sound after the Clear Audio but it didn't happen and my firt impression was that this player really let the music through. Of course you don't get the super warmth of the analog rig but this thing is very musical. You also get lots of details (I could hear the brass player breathe)and an imaging that is way above average if not pin point (though I listen to it with dipoles witch are not champion at this). Since the YBA intégré is a lot cheaper than what you are ready to spend, I'd give I try with a model a little higher in the YBA line (CD2 or CD3). Should be at least worth a listen. Moon audio should as well be on your shopping list. The Moon Eclipse made a great impression on me but this was two years ago. What I remember most is that is was dead quiet, super detailed and very nice to look at. A bit expensive maybe. Good shopping.
the cal still holds its own with most players out there. change for the sake of more than just change would be expensive. i would suggest a turntable and phono pre to round out your very nice system
I agree with Jaybo - or get a APL Denon 5910 Universal.