upgrade of lamm/wilson

Current set up will be Lamm ML2.1 and wilson watt puppy 7.

What would be an upgraded speaker instead of the wilson 7? I want to keep the Lamm amplifier.

thx for opinions
Kharma speakers work very well with Lamm gear. I'm not sure if it is a distributor thing, but Lamm and Kharma nearly always show together at CES and similar events. As a Kharma owner I have entertained the idea of getting Lamm electronics, but so far that's as far as it's gone.
I own the WP7's and Lamm M1.1's and my next step would be the new Wilson Maxx II's as they throw a wall of sound; plus, do the pinpoint imaging that the WP7's do. It is utterly amazing the speed and volumn that the Maxx's operate with. the typical wilson soundstage and depth are incredible. There is more authority in the lowest octaves also and you have to be careful with the Maxx's as they can quickly attain extreme sound dB's with ease. Sensitivity is like 94-95 dB for 1 watt!

Spend money on accoustics if you want to get the most out of your system if you haven't already.
I run mine into Von Schweikert VR 7's. Great match
Ahhh...the eternal question of which speaker to match with the Lamm ML2's. It's funny how that tends to be the component people work around even though it's a tremendous challenge to find the right speaker. How efficient is efficient enough? The thing to do is look at both rated output in watts as well as the current from Lamm's transformers. Most people make the mistake of looking at them like 18 watt amps, but they act like a more powerful 75-80 watt amp subjectively speaking of course due to the amazing current delivery from those oh so transparent output transformers. Marc Mickelson runs his Maxx2's on the Lamm ML2's with no apparent issues with loudness or compression so perhaps... but wait. Have you ever heard the Lamm's on ultra high efficiency horns, say around oh, 110+db or so? I didn't think so. Once again, subjectively speaking, the Lamms can sound like the most natural yet frighteningly powerful and uncompressed amp on the planet, bar none. I should know as I've been on a mad quest for the best amp on this world for a number of years. Krell 600, 750, Levinson 33's, Rowland MC6, Rowland 9, VTL 750's large Boulders, Atmasphere, etc etc etc have all been through here or been heard. The Lamms have stayed.

What are your listening preferences? for music/room size/upstream equipment? What are your own personal tradeoffs when you listen? How evolved are your sensibilities????? What tend to be your best moments when listening? What speakers have you already owned and/or tried with or before the Lamms?
You have two choices, either move up in the Wilson line; you're not going to find any better modern speakers, alternatively, there are some incredible vintage horns and speakers that will amaze you, specially in combination with the ML2s. This is something that we specialize in and have a lot of experience in very musical and natural sounding systems.

Here are a couple of links from this site on our last show

A guy who would lug those speakers to a show MUST know what he's talking about! That's a serious commitment to good sound...

Wish I could get them in my room ;^)
My listening room is 19 x 19 with 15 foot ceiling.
What type of vintgage horn would work?

Rumney510- With a room that size with that kind of height you can get almost any kind of horn in there! Now its all a question of budget.
Looks like I'm coming to NY to check those Horns out
Rumney, congratulations and let us know what you think. You may also want to check out the Kharma 3.2's if conventional speakers are to your liking still after hearing the horns. I believe there is a dealer in NJ, not too far from the city. Good Luck
If you must use the Lamm I guess you could by Passive ATC's .

SCM100's will fit the bill and outperform even the best Wilson (yes the X2) through the midrange and highs.

Powered ATC's will only open the margin farther from the competition. And you can sell the Lamms
What kind of things are you wanting an upgrade on? Going from the 7s to a horn or Kharma will give you an entirely different sound. That's for sure.
Any updates?
Check out Wilson Benesch Chimeras.I am very pleased with them.
Hi Rumney
which speaker you finally decide on?
your room is quite large, are you sure ML2.1 will work with the Maxx2 well?

havent decided yet.
I am looking at a vintage horn or VR9 posiibly VR11 if i am impressed enough. The main problem is getting to hear the speakers. you have to jet around the country and can only listen to the dealers set up..little chance of a home demo which is quite unfortunate.
thx for the interest. i'll keep yo posted
I have also changed rooms. Room size is now 30x22 foot with 9 foot ceiling.

If your budget allows the VR-11s, I'd look seriously at Acapella Triolons. They're a little more money, but the sound is absolutely mind blowing. I've heard them with the ML2.1s, and they're truly spectacular.
hello Rumney,
Have you decide what you get to mate with your ML2.1 yet?
kinda curious about your final decision.

let us know, good luck