Upgrade of interconnects - Suggestions welcome

I'm currently thinking about upgrading my interconnects. Currently I use cables made by my audio dealer consisting of Suhner+Huber cables and Neutrik connectors. They are pretty good but I want to listen to some others.

I use the following equipment:

Cambridge Audio D300 CD-Player
Cambridge Audio T500 Tuner
Pro-Ject 6.9 Turntable
Sumiko Blue Point Special Cartridge
Cambridge Audio C500 Control Amp
Cambridge Audio P500 Power Amp
Grado RA-1 Headphone Amp
Totem Acoustic Forest Loudspeakers
Grado RS-1 Headphones

Any brand you can recommend?
If you're into DIY or can have your dealer or some local tech make a couple of pair for you to audition, I would strongly and most highly recommend you check out Chris VenHaus' fine silver IC's. I just finished a couple of pair and after burning them in on a Duo-tech cable enhancer, I put them in and I was shocked by the improvement in musical texture, detail, transparency, and dynamics. Shocked. I've owned a bunch of cables over the years and have sort of been very comfortable w/the Harmonic Technology stuff--the prosilway, I believe--and their PC's, but have tried an assortment of others including Kimber, Virtual Dynamics, audioquest, audience, etc., but I've never had a jaw dropping experience like this. The VenHaus is a great design. I believe his website is www.venhaus1.com.

Good Luck.
Try new Audioquest DBS line. Point of entry is the Jaguar at 300 for meter. I have Cheetahs and they are fantasic. Natural tone/sound stage, dynamic, don't get in the way.