upgrade of Alon 5 mk 1 to- alnico mids from mk 3

I have upgraded the drivers in my Alon 5 MK 1 to the new woofers Carl last used in the Alon 5 MK3 before he stoped makeing them I had one go bad as they are 7 + years old I replaced both. I also replaced the midrange units with the newest alnico midrange driver . I know carl did some changes to the box and crossover in the changes from MK 1 to MK 3 does any body know what the changes are ? or will someone take a look in a MK3 Alon 5 and take a look at the parts and try and see what changed Thanks for any help Marc
Have you tried Carl himself? He'd be your best source and is one of the better people to deal with in the business.
I talked to Carl at the CES show when he showed the Alon 5 MK 2 He said it was not possible to update the series one to the two . Funny now He is willing to sell the more $ alnico mids for my old alon 5's and the new woofer to Me. Just wondering if any body has taken a look inside the alons