upgrade needed

looking to replace my 10 year old sony 707es with something else. been a good player with no problems but just wondering what else is out there. im using plinius 250 mk4 amp with arc ls25mk11 pre and sonus faber extremas. thanks
As I recommended before a separate transport, the excellent ones that do not take you to the poor house are the 47 Labs Shigaraki transport (for about MSRP of $1750, but used for about $1000) along with a ScottDixon tubed DAC ($500) brand new, you will definetly do justice to the associated gear you have. Do not buy a universal player as to do duty as transport, they were not necessarily conceived since their beginnings as specialized transports.
Another vote here for scott-nixon.com where the cheap, but wonderful DAC's are made. Bemopti123 made great recommendations, however he is not a perfect touch typist, yet.
Sorry, Listener...I was banging my keyboard as I was doing something else. Today's replies were FILLED with major mistakes that I later realize, I have made.

Paul K