Upgrade my Wadia 581ise or not?

Dear All,

I have a Wadia 581ise and I would like to upgrade it.
Could someone tell me which is the best upgrade between a new S7i or 781i (I haven�t SACD) and if their performances are proportionated to their prices?

Thank you very much in advance for a kind answer.

Best regards,

Piermauro Modugno
Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound is the world expert on Wadia machines. He modifies them to get every last bit of performance. He won't steer you wrong.

If you are not ready to sell the 581, try adding an Elrod Statement Gold power cord.
My 581 is at Wadia being upgraded to a 781 I am expecting it back Monday contact me next week kens48@comcast.net
Thank you very much Rob, I will try to check it out (I use a Prana Wire Samadhi).

Thank you very much Ken, I will contact you next week.

Kind regards,