Upgrade my tone arm?

I proudly own a super nice Woodsong Garrard 301 with an Ortophon RS 309D arm and a Myajima Shalabi cartridge. My phono stage is it he one in my Atma-Sphere MP-3 preamp. Upgrade fever has taken hold and I am thinking of getting a Triplaner tonearm. I do have dual arm boards on my Woodsong. I understand that the Triplaner would be a significant upgrade. However, since I am fairly new to analog, it has been a steep learning curve. Such a big investment is in question since I don’t completely understand how much of an improvement a significantly better arm would be. Any advise would be appreciated.
Matching arm to cartridge is extremely important. Who or what gave you the idea the Triplanar would be better suited to the Miyajima, and why (i.e. make sure you’re not just going on price)? The Shilabe seems to be very low compliance, and the exchangeable headshells of the Ortofon would allow you the flexibility to add some extra mass if needed (e.g. 20g headshell gets you up to 24g effective mass there, vs. a fixed 14g on the Triplanar). You should definitely solicit opinions from Miyajima users, and what arms they like. But that Ortofon looks pretty nice as it stands - premium/custom Jelco build, dynamic balance, headshell flexibility, 12"...

Even if the new arm is higher quality in build, materials, tolerances, and overall design, it could all be negated if you're moving from a better marriage to a lesser one for the cartridge in question. 
A significantly better arm is a big improvement, just the same as a significantly better turntable, cartridge, phono stage, shelf, speaker, amp, IC, PC, conditioner, anything. Dang I coulda said anything right up front and saved all those pixels. Oh well. Not like the internet is running short or anything.
mulveling is right. In the case of the Miyajima you are not likely to notice much difference. The Triplanar is a really nice arm and certainly with more compliant cartridges like the Lyras and Clearaudios you will notice a difference. If you want to make the jump into hyperspace check out the Schroder LT. 
You should consider a conversation with Tri at Triplaner- it’s a tight community and while I have not heard of your cart on that arm ( I am assuming you are looking at the new 12” carbon fiber ? ) , if somebody is running it Tri will most likely know.
and audio is a system especially transducers and dynamic components- so “ better “ is a myopic simple viewpoint. And yes, I own a Triplaner and a Lyra a known combination that yields excellent results.

enjoy your search @mulveling  gave you excellent advice
The Ortofon RS-309D is a very good tonearm. That being said I just upgraded to an Ikeda IT 407 CR1. It was a distinct upgrade from the Ortofon. Currently using it on my Garrard 301 in a Woodsong plinth with an Ikeda cartridge.

I have not owned a Triplaner tonearm so I can't help with any thoughts on that.
I would look into the Origin selection of tonearms. Whatever price range you can afford.

Dear @mglik : @mulveling  is rigth. Now, what do you not like abot the quality performance of your cartridge paIRED WITH THAT VERY GOOD TONEARM?

Been a removable headshell design you can change the tonearm/cartridge  " signature " changing and testing different headshells of different headshell build materials and weigth even its shape and you can upgrade too the headshell wires for a better ones and this makes a difference for the better always.

Other up-grade you can do is to rewire the ortofon internal wiring for this one:



Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,