Upgrade my Rega planar 3 or just move on ? update

As a member of various other Forums I know it`s nice to hear back with an update from those that have posted questions ( especially if you offered an answer or advice ).
I wanted to post back within the original thread I started but seems it`s gone.

Anyway..For ALL those that offered advice..Thanks !

A P5 was suggested as an upgrade from a couple of members within the Rega line . I looked around, did some research on what exactly the differences were between the various Rega tables and I decided to stay with my Planar 3 and build on it.

So to get started I stripped the paint off the arm and polished it.
I then added an Isokinetik (Cardas) tonearm rewire kit.

I added the new Rega upgrade 24v motor kit complete with the outboard power supply and White belt.
Lastly..the GrooveTracer Reference subplatter.
The only upgrade I might do next may be the counterweight.

Money well spent and Sounds great !
Great. I would say you have what you needed, and built up on that. Good luck.
I would also add the acrylic platter as opposed to the stock glass platter. You have a choice of two different counterweights. Which one is easiest to install might be the deciding factor. You have what is equivalent to a "Sota Star Sapphire".
Again to repeat myself the best upgrade I did on my planar 3 was moving and replacing the stock feet with brass with one between the arm and motor with 3m vibration dampening sheets and massive heavy brass on top again between arm and motor and the Pete Riggle VtAF.I like the acrylic platter and counterweight too.Maybe I'll try the belt upgrade next.My planar 3 sounds better than any CD I have.
For some reason the acrylic platter idea doesn`t seem as cost effective as some of the other changes.
I`m also leary of straying away from the Rega sound that I obviously like.

It`s too bad pictures can`t be posted in the forum because I`m having a bit of trouble envisioning Playpen`s setup.

I may continue beyond the counter weight but so far I`m not very motivated to do so.

I'm happy that you're happy..... It seems like you did a really nice job in improving your Rega table. My Rega P3-24/Exact 2/TTPSU is making beautiful music, so I can understand why you don't want to replace the glass platter with acrylic. Have fun, enjoy your records, and Happy Listening.