Upgrade my Ohm Walsh 2

I have a pair of Ohm Walsh 2 in a second system powered by a acoustic research amp that sounds great-was wondering if the upgrade that Ohm offers is worth the investment.
The upgrade puts the old OHMs in the modern big leagues sound wise, so if that appeals to you, it is worth it. You can do it yourself but it is not necessarily trivial. You have to take the old OHM driver off, pry off the old crossover/terminal board in the bottom, replace it using a glue gun, and reassemble with the new driver. Also there are cros supports you have you work through and sometimes these come loose and have to be reattached with the glue gun also.
I have been testing the new Super-2 upgrade which includes the 2000 series drivers. I can say that from an older original OW2, the upgrade made a very big improvement. The bass goes a bit lower and is a little more solid, and the tweeters are a nice improvement as well, smoother, not as peaky/bright, especially on recordings that tend to be a little "hotter" to begin with.

I think they are very much as John Strohbeen says on the website, they are an "evolutionary versus revolutionary" upgrade. They still retain all the things that make an Ohm an Ohm, just make it better.

I do not know how much of an upgrade it would be from the series 3 drivers as I don't have anything to compare them with right now. I would think that if they are in good condition that this upgrade may be a bit better, but whether it is worth the added costs would be up to the listener. The great things is, you can always try them and if not satisfied, send them back! You can't get any better than that!

As to the actual installation, it isn't bad really, the hardest part is getting the crossover/switches out of the bottom. If you have short arms, it is a little challenging, especially if you are wanting to keep that board all in one piece. The old drivers just unscrew off the top mounting plate of the cabinet, and a newer mounting board with the new 2000 drivers is then mounted with 4 wood screws to the top of the cabinet. Easy. You get a new taller grill to fit, as the newer driver is a little bigger and the mounting puts it about 1/2" or so taller than stock.

There are some mounting details I have been working on with regard to the top driver board and a couple of other things that would make for a nicer appearance. This is trivial for those who would always use the cloth grill covers anyway. The main thing is that they do sound great and worth the upgrade from the original! Very well recommended!

I can't say enough about John and company, and the ability to provide upgrades to a product that is pushing 30-years old. Don't forget that Ohm also has older cabinets and they can refinish and upgrade to the newer drivers for a bit less than the new series. There are some nice options for those inclined to go that route. Enjoy your music! Tim
Has anyone updated the speaker push pin terminals on the Ohm Walsh 2s so one could use speaker wires terminated with spades or banana ends? If so what kind of terminals did you use? Do the upgrades from Ohm Acoustics cover a change of the speaker terminals. I lucked out and got a really nice condition pairs of Ohm Walsh 2s but can't use my current set of speaker cables. Thanks
The upgrade includes 5-way binding posts. I'm no handy man, but the upgrade process was pretty simple, even for me. When I called Ohm to discuss it John told me they don't charge for labor if you bring in your Ohms for the upgrade b/c its so simple. So if you are in the NYC area you could go that route.