Upgrade my Monitor audio Studio 12

Hi, in case I would look for a sensible improvement over my monitors and looking for a Electrostat type of sound (all finesse based on transparent+sweetness) do you have indications in the price range of USD 2000-2500 or will it be mission impossible ??
What size is your room? What equipment do you have?

I could certainly suggest speakers to try - the new Monitor Audio Silver S line is a great place to start - big improvement over older lines. You could try JMLabs Cobalt line - very efficient but has a long break in period. Totem Acoustic speakers have been getting decent reviews also.

Most cone speakers will not image as well as electrostats, but they can come close.

I am currently using a set of Royd Doublets - amazing imaging for the size (small floorstanders).

It definitely is not a Mission Impossible - more like Mission Listening!!
Greetings Ad01068,

If you want "electrostat type of sound", my suggestion would be to get an electrostat. I have yet to hear a non-electrostat that could really deliver the low-level detail of a good electrostat, and especially in your price range.

You might consider the InnerSound Isis. The Isis has very fast, tight bass and superb imaging but the sweet spot is pretty narrow.

If you want a wide sweet spot, consider the Sound Lab Dynastat. There are two pairs for sale here now. The electrostatic element of the Dynastat radiates over a 60-degree arc, which gives a wide sweet spot and rich timbre. The bass is more on the full side than the tight side. The Dynastats have controls for the bass level, bias voltage to the panels, and brilliance. I can help you with getting these controls set up properly.

The Dynastats do best in a medium-sized room; in a small room the bass can be a bit overpowering (despite the level controls). There are a few tweaks that can improve the midbass and bass that I'd be happy to share with you. If you really wanted a killer system based on the Dynastats, you might opt for the toroid transformer upgrade. Given the asking prices of the Dynastats on sale here at Audiogon, the transformer upgrade would put you right at the upper edge of your price range.

The Dynastats like to be a few feet out into the room, and you might find it necessary to treat the first reflection points. But they are easier to drive than most electrostats, have a warmish tonal balance, and rich timbre. Articulation is very good without the toroid, and superb with it. The Dynastat is also extremely reliable - I've never heard of anyone having a problem with them.

I'm a Sound Lab dealer, but I'm not associated with either of the Dynastats on sale here now.

Other options include Martin Logan and Quad. Right now there are several pairs of Quad 63's out there, and maybe a 57 or two. I personally like either of these better than the newer Quads, the 988 and 989. A pair of Quad 57's or 63's wouldn't be as dynamic as the hybrids mentioned above, but would be much more coherent. It's a matter of personal preference.

But if you want "electrostat type" sound, the best way is to get an electrostat. And there are plenty of options within your price range.

Best of luck in your quest!

That should have been "Greetings Ad010685". Sorry I mis-spelled your name.
Tks for the courtesy and detailed (electrostat quality) replies.
My name is in fact a serial number, provided the one you mention is not the one of a gun, fine for me

My room is 30 feet x 23 feet and my pre+ power is Goldmund Mimesis 7.5 + Goldmund VSR (use Job circuits)
Plenty of power with my Monitor of today.

In fact I had quad 63 in the past with Mark Levinson amplifier (28+29) but the quad were not for all my music.
I loved them for quartet music, unbeatable but not for all the rest.
You see, I am one of the bastards that like multiserial music (electronic, classic,Jazz and even Pop)
This is a bit a problem. Idela for me would probably be to have two systems !!
Let me know once more your opinion.
Just Don't do it....

I won't. I like the looks (extremely high WAF!!!) of the speaker and especially the marvellous sound with all kinds of music...