Upgrade my MD 102 Tuner?

Have a MD 102 FM Analog tuner. FM reception is fair, but not great where I live. Was considering MD's upgrade program, and trading in the 102 for the MD 801 Internet tuner. Has anyone done this or otherwise used the 801? Thanks for the help.

I would like to own a MD tuner someday. Does your 102 have the XM radio feature? Do you use an indoor/outdoor external antenna for reception?
Thanks for any advice on these products.

Happy Listening!
You say reception is "fair." What kind of antenna are you using? The choice of antenna is as critical as your choice of tuner.
I can't use an outdoor antenna. A powered antenna doesn't work too well, either. So, it's just a standard, 75 ohm indoor antenna. The unit does not have the XM radio feature ... quite frankly, I wish there were some kind of module I could hook up to the MD 102 to play internet radio through it. Unfortunately, I have not yet found such a thing.
I can’t use an outdoor antenna. A powered antenna doesn’t work too well, either. So, it’s just a standard, 75 ohm indoor antenna
There are a variety of powered antennas. Which ones have you tried? When you say a "standard" indoor antenna, again, what do you have exactly? Most "standard" indoor antennas are dipoles, but they’re 300 ohm. Do have a balun attached to a 300 ohm antenna? If so, you’re getting loss through the balun, so you might get better results ditching the balun and attaching the dipole leads directly to your tuner’s 300 ohm antenna terminals.

In any event, the choice of antenna can be as critical as the choice of tuner ... and maybe more so. It isn’t likely a better tuner will perform substantially better in your present location than what you have now, so I’d look to improve your antenna as best you can.
The tuner only has inputs for a 75Ohm antenna, there are no 300 Ohm antenna terminals. I'm using a standard 75Ohm dipole "T" antenna.  If you have any specific suggestion for antennae that will work well with this unit, I'm all ears.  Thanks.
I used to own an MD100 which I had upgraded by the factory to an MD105. I didn't find any improved reception at all.