Upgrade my DAC or buy more weed?

So I was just listening to Bad Company (Live) "No Smoke Without a Fire" at near deafening levels (about 94db at my seat), the REL G1 was pumping away... it sounded like I was actually at the effing concert... and I am POSITIVE my neighbor was hearing what was going on as well... and I was wondering if I really should be thinking about upgrading to a better DAC or if those funds might be better invested on more weed? 

It seems like more and more lately, that when I am baked on a heavy Indica like Bubba Kush, Blackwater or AK-47, that I seem to "get" the music more and enjoy the listening session more.  Also, it seems that I become more open to different types of music as well.  Likely the same with musicians and song writers... they probably create some of their best work when they are high.

Just wondering I guess about dumping more money into system upgrades or just leave it as is and keep on smokin' ?
How old are you and how long have you been using THC?
I’m not a narc -just curious...
Eventually you will forget where you put the DAC even though you'll remember putting it a special place where you would always be able to find it.
A mind is a terrible thing to waste...or go up in smoke. Good luck with your DAC search once the haze clears. 
If you keep smoking enough of those types of killer weed, you can probably save a lot more money by selling all your gear and getting a SiriusXM subscription and playing it back on your computer...will all sound just as good eventually :-) <LOL>!
I'm 43... onlt really been smoking regularly for a few years.  Most of the potheads I know are at least 40 and many are 50, 60 or older.

I'm not worried about anyone "telling" on me really... I have a medical card and weed will likely be legalized soon in Arizona anyway. 

I have the latest Eastern Electric tube DAC... about as much as I am comfortable spending on a single component like that.... especially as fast as digital can change.  I think that it would be difficult to find a better DAC for $1,350 (new).
You need to figure out how you can get a new dac and keep smoking, that seems to be the better question and by almeans do not Bogart that joint my friend.

I believe that DAC is a known 'gateway' device. Your desire to upgrade it is typical of a user's path to harder, more devastatingly costly equipment. 

Titration might help stem the progression. Please, for the sake of your loved ones, stay away from jazz music. 
There is always "different" but "better" is harder to come by. :)

What is it you are missing? Is your imaging, sound stage what you want? Do you care about air and space around notes of more intimate music?

It’s a great thing to be happy with what you have. Don’t underestimate it.

Now, about more weed.  Modern weed is stronger, with more THC, but also has more tar and nicotine in it. Just because it's missing all the crap they put into commercial cigarettes doesn't mean it's safe to smoke. Any time you burn things and inhale you are risking your lungs. I'm also not calling it the demon weed, just suggesting caution. A new dac would not cause lung cancer, or leave you in danger of driving or operating heavy machinery for days afterwards.  Now that I think about it, yes, you are safer buying a new DAC. :)


Well....I hope you sent some along with the speakers I just bought from you! 
Your DAC is great. Headphones maybe?

Indeed... remove the woofer from each speaker and you will find an ounce of premium "Golden Ticket".... unless the FedEx guys found it.
modern weed doesn't have to be smoked, it can be vaporized via similar e-cig with THC filled capsules. also there's muchmuch more THC products instead of conventional herbs that are much safer for lungs.

also before i switched to e-THC ones I smoked hashish by rolling very small balls into the glass pipe with screen. it only takes one little drag to get what needed.

this way no substantial nicotine and/or no tar is consumed and feels darn great.
i'm pot head and i don't smoke cigarettes. i use vaporizer. one $50 capsule is good enough for 2 weeks+ and a little over $100 is good enough for whole month.

also whoever is saying about memory losses and other negative things THC does probably read about it in some 'approved' media sources which most of the time are full of cwap and connected to our beloved government's "War On Drugs". all wars especially in 21st century is widely AND strongly supported by PROPAGANDA. propaganda is always based on 'most will blindly believe to what they've been told' .

Hilarious .I live in a legal state weed is basically free or ridiculously cheap unlike an esoteric dac...

I own the Eastern Electric DAC, and it is certainly good for the money, but you will definitely get more by spending more, IME.  I had a BADA DAC II that was definitely better all around, and now I use a Lampizator Big 7 and Golden Gate, and they are just so much better that no weed is needed to get that absorbed in the music (so reports a buddy that comes over for listens periodically, and listens both pre- and post-weed with me).  A DAC upgrade could definitely bring musical enjoyment rewards.

Now, I find that some dynamite, fresh weed does enhance the entire experience, too, if used in moderation (as in only every few weeks).   Regular use starts to make everything sort of "same-ish" and less vivid.  I am particularly fond of Qrazy Train, myself.

I say, go for both!
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audiofreak32: Weed or no weed, glad you saw humor in all the replies!  Do love your avatar photo on your account :-) !!! Where did that photo come from?
Do the logical thing. Grow a few plants you can get top seeds
Online and get a book on growing especially in summer 90 day to nice buds in the woods just bring a bag of hood soil, and water steady good sun .free top notch bud ,and money to upgrade .
Just takes some dedication ,or get a mediCal pass for weed .
Good luck.
I say just keep your current mo working!  If you haven't already try screwing around with a fuse in the dac for some added fun. 
Well does not matter what DAC you have, once your high everything sounds good enough.
I haven’t smoked in many years (makes me paranoid), but I knew someone who worked at a dispensary in ’07. One of the shop’s suppliers also had private, individual clients, to whom he would make home deliveries. One such client was a very well-known singer/songwriter/"song & dance man" (as he once called himself in an interview) who lives in Malibu, California, whose preferred strain in ’07 was Goofy Grape.
Rumor Control - there is no nicotine in cannabis.  I'm 62 and retired with a medical cannabis card.  In that light it is a wonderful drug.  It cures many symptoms of old age including but not limited to insomnia, libido and, of course, it definitely kicks the stereo up an entire magnitude (X10).  Paranoia can be a factor.  Keep the dose low and the nervousness subsides in about ten minutes.  Then enjoy!  Warning: cannabis is a drug that can become a mental addiction and complicate your life.  It's not for everyone.  Overuse or illegal use is not recommended.  

Hey, long story short, even in illegal states, when laws don’t get along with common sense, common sense will always dominate no matter how tough the laws are. Even despite khalifat sheria or tough death penalties of Indonesia -- won’t help won’t stop. Been to Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Cannabis stuff is accessible there to use mostly as hashish so it’s easier portable and has less smell.

I’ve got chronic insomnia (been through sleeping only 25 hrs per MONTH) and nasty and unproductive mood swings connected to that. I was once advised to go to doctor who more than half-hour explained to me why I should get Celexa and Xanax prescribed over a decade ago and how it works on human nerve system. I’ve got his point, politely shut his mouth and chosen to stick to the common sense. I get sleep well -- I will get rid of depression and will be productive and fruitful every day of my life. One or two drags daily keeps me normal -- no need for anti-depressants.
If anyone would call it ’addiction’ or ’system’ -- they’re just words and words don’t count. End result is what counts words and symbols for those who believe laws are right and common sense is not.

PS. I wish my president was similar to Justin Trudau. I wish people don't vote for Trump because they don't want Hillary or visa versa and use their OWN brain and COMMON SENSE.
Real classy post, Audiofreak. Please continue submitting your substantive ideas and questions.

Great question!  I think it's self evident that intoxicants can greatly improve your listening experience.  There have been lengthy threads on vodka and scotch whiskeys, so why not weed?
czarivey, I too suffered with insomnia and acupuncture solved my problem. Just a tidbit.
I certainly see your point, but one should use whatever works for them. Pot for you, xanax for others. One isn't more right than the others, as you seem to imply.

Smoking marijuana does not cause lung cancer. If you do an internet search, you will find that information based upon studies by Donald Tashkin, a professor of pulmonology at UCLA's David Geffin School of Medicine, some of whose research has been funded by The National Institute on Drug Abuse .

For example:



That's just one study, but it's interesting nonetheless, considering that almost any time you burn plant or animal you create carcinogens, if this study is validated by a number of more studies I'll truly be impressed.

As someone who likes his meat grilled, it's a risk I live with every week. :)


Why is this an either or question? Keep smoking and get a better DAC. That has been my solution. It's easier to get in "the zone", IMO, after a glass of 15 year Aberfeldy or such and some Kush.
roxy54, have you ever had business with those that use Xanax? It's deadliest prescription drug that gradually eliminates recovery functions of brain irreversible. You can call it express to schizophrenia.
Agree w/ those who have common sense. No drug (street/legal) is a "good" drug, simply, there is no such thing. Keep fooling yourselves...

Well if you buy the DAC used and don’t overpay, you can always try and resell the loser. That's nice if you are really interested in hearing other DACs.

The weed, well it pretty much goes up in smoke and that's the end.. :^)

FWIW I’ve heard the EE DAC is pretty good but have not actually heard it.

I had an mhdt tube DAC. Tube rolling (coincidence) made a big difference in sound.

If you have a tube pre-amp and/or amp, I think little value in a tube DAC also. I sold mine and still use the SS version of the mhdt DAC and have been happy with that for several years now.

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I would buy a volcano vape unit and have it modified with a better power cord, dynamat internally to damp vibrations, change out the red led for blue and have still points inserted into the base of the unit for mechanical grounding.  
Also the power switch /temp dial could probably benefit from replacing with a mil/spec part.   
Maybe someone will create a better bellows fan with carbon fiber for the ultimate upgrade.

Awesome volcano!  Too funny!

I guess I stirred up some "stuff" with this post, but I think it is good sometimes to partake, let loose and have fun as long as it is under control and not the only thing you know how to do in life.  Let's not go get hammered on weed or alcohol and then go drive around town though.

I started a listening session on the SS amp about 60 minutes ago and I am currently "involved" to say the least.  Very much enjoying the latest offering from Dead Can Dance at high volume.

Isn't there anyone who wants to buy my lot of MFSL Gold CD's ???
jafant: You don't think music is a drug? The reason I like THC is it lets me escape (transcend?) the "common". It lets me shed my "Mr. Greenjeans" brain and slip into my "Fred Astaire" self. Not bad for a few puffs.
Well put dweller...

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform anyone following this post that this will be my last entry this evening as I am starting to lose motor skills and even typing this message now, I am having to go back to really check that I spelled all these words correctly (even the small ones).  So, I must bid you all farewell and happy listening.

I have gone back in time a bit to an older Dead Can Dance song "Nierika"... pretty awesome.  It is also on their live CD "Anastasis in Concert"... WOW.
Audiofreak32, very interesting thread, at time most people don't take it seriously it is the real trigger, I personally know few people over 40 and 50 who changed their latest models of Panasonic to an old ones Linn Majiks and else old but real Hi-Fies and even Hi-Ends after they understood the tremendous power of musical compositions in another state of mind and the Importance of quality, clarity and dynamic of sound. 
Mmmmm, this is the best thread in a while!, although I’m a x smoker, I still have the musicians mind set, that said, I laughed my a-- off reading this thread, keep em coming!
Audiofreak32, I'll give you $500 for your old DAC, $100 for a month's supply of weed, and $150 for 30 minutes with your avatar model. Deal?

How fondly I remember my first time listening to Led Zep One high. A dude on a Harley pulled into the gas station I was working at on Memorial Day 1968, I think. After I washed his windshield and carefully filled his tank, he asked me for a paper towel, threw a handful of weed in it and thanked me.

I don't know where he got his weed; but wow! The music was soooo beautiful man! I took the two bookshelf speakers with me out on the roof and held them 2 inches from my ears. It was bliss! One of my fondest memories. 
I think the weed has to be a prerequisite for the half hour with the model at my age!

I'm serious. ;^)
Man has used intoxicants since the dawn of time. I am not surprised to see a thread about weed and the music appreciation business. Makes perfect sense. As far as a better DAC goes, I don't know what you are currently using ...but yes, an improvement in the DAC will get you to a level where your next "session" will reveal another component or interconnect that is lacking ;-)  

My first DAC was a piece of junk, in retrospect. Then came a series of improvements that made my head spin with the differences. I've had similar experiences upgrading every component since then. 

I am curious as to the specific music-relevant effects you discern with different strains of weed. You mentioned Indica, can you give us some idea as to how that differs from the other major strain Sativa? Also, are there significant differences in specific varieties when it comes to music appreciation? I am not making fun, you asked a serious question.
Think of the different types of weed like alcohol. They each have their signature buzz. Beer, wine liquor and all the variants in each category are similar in effect but have a different mood associated with them. The effect on music is universal - more focus, separation and "there" there - like the room suddenly has perfect acoustics and the gear is flawless.  Aside from that, your appreciation is dependent on your mood.  Experience necessary to choose the right one for you.
Most excellent OP and responses.  Is this a great country or what?  Apart from a (very) few testy responses, a friendly, lively, and very funny exchange on a really interesting general topic (effect of intoxicants and technology on the quality of listening experience).  G-d bless the First Amendment.  I would love to see the Freakonomics guys sort out the marginal utility of a better dac v. better weed.

Cheers (literally and figuratively),

From my personal experience on the matter, which I would argue I have more of than anyone else here, weed dulls the senses if used regularly.  If used occassionally, it skews it.  Some people find this skewd perciption as pleasurable to the listening experience.

I find that I enjoy my listening sessions more when sober and I can hear details better.  On the other hand, lsd and extacy opened my hearing up so much that music became a spiritual experience; many times it was the best experience of my life, others it was the worst (think hell) and that's why I stopped.

Again, I feel like I am very qualified to speak onthis topic.  Weed does make you dumber than you'd be if you didnt smoke it and it is bad for memory.  Like all things in life, moderation is key.  Anything we love and enjoy becomes dull and boring if done all day, everyday.

I think alcohol is more physically and mentally destructive.  I also think that smoking a pack of ciggerettes a day is harder on your lungs than smoking 5 or 6 bowls a day.  

As for vaporizing your herb, if you are concerned about your lungs, try shatter.  I've tried shatter that tasted amazing (think oranges or lemons) and gets you exactly where you want to be after 2 rips (I am a heavy smoker with a high tolerance).  Honestly, for as analytical as we audio guys are, shatter is where it is at.  

As far as xanex and oxy, etc, are concerned, they are far far worse for you than weed.  Oxy is heroine without all the  dirty junk in it. Most heroine addicts would prefer to take oxy than heroine.  Many people are prescribed oxy and when they no longer have a prescription, turn to heroine.

Another ill side effect of smoking herb is making poor decisions regarding the sale or purchase of audio equipment.  Its happened to me before.  I do my best now to be sober when making those types of decisions!

Anyhow, Im off to meet up with a cutie, burn a j and enjoy the beautiful mountains where I live (by the way, weed is legal where I am, both med and rec).  

Happy Listening, and Living :)