upgrade my cdp for under 1k

I am looking for a player that is warm and with a great soundstage and detailed (aint we all). I listen to everything from pearl jam to miles davis. I am looking into the Jolida jd 100 . Not sure if I need one that has a level one mod or not. Any other player out there I should look into. Thanks
I hate being one of these people chirping what I own with some frequency, but after reading the characteristics you request my mind goes click, whrrr and...Cary 303/100, used. Forget the Jolida and step in to in a luxury model, wink.
Check out a used Vecteur L4
The Jolida is a great player on its own. If you call the company you can usualy talk to the the owner who is very honest about his products. Jolida products are popular platforms for modifications because they have to use a few less expensive parts here and there to keep costs down, but the design and build quality are great. For $900 it is hard to beat the Jo.
I've always liked the Rega Jupiter, a used one should be fall well within your budget.
Tube Research Labs modded Sony 595.