Upgrade my 332 to 431?

My ML 332 has had a number of problems - from left channel buzzing to the need to replace 4 capacitors. The salesman at the local ML distributor is trying to convince me to upgrade/trade-in my 332 to the 431. My other components include the ML 39 and the ML 380S and Dunlavy SC4 speakers. Any thoughts?
I owned a 336 and upgraded to the 436 monos. They bettered the 336 in every way. I think you would be very happy. I believe the 431 will be lighter and easier on your back too!
I bought a pair of 436's a couple of months ago and they dropped my jaw when I put them in my system. I did an A/B with the 336 and the 436's were clearly more open and organic than the 336 and yet still had better bass authority. I also compared them against the 432 and the 436's are a clear improvement. The soundstage on the 436s is on the order of a football field and the warm, open midrange is goose bump inducing - very much like some of the high end tube equipment I've heard. On vocals and piano recordings I've played recently, well, let's just say I saw God.