Upgrade modded P25 to P7 or uprade cartridge

I'm looking down the road and wondering where I might get the best bang-for-buck upgrade on my vinyl rig.

My current source is a Rega P25 with Groovetracer subplatter, Michell Tecnoweight, Funk Firm Achromat, and VTAF. I'm dangling a Dynavector 10x5.

Given the modifications I've installed on my P25, I'm wondering how much I might benefit from moving up the line to a P7. Obviously, the P7 has an upgraded platter, improved tonearm, and also the TT-PSU. If I went this route, I would keep my 10x5.

Another option is to keep my P25 and upgrade my cartridge by moving up the Dynavector line to, say, a DV-20x.

I guess it all depends on how close my P25 modifications bring my deck to the P7.

Any input or advice is appreciated.

(Associated equipment: SAC Gamma phono pre (MM/MC), Earmax headphone amp, Sennheiser HD-600s.)
Looking forward to these responses myself
Have you rewired your tonearm as well as adding the counterweight.This could be an alternative route.
Dear Johnbender: IMHO a source change can/could give you a better quality performance improvement than the TT change.

You can try a MM/MI cartridge that are very good performers and IMHO better than the MC ones. The MM/MI cartridges likes a 100kohms on load impedance and you can order for 10.00 euros an extra plug for that impedance change to the builder: woth to try it.

regards and enjoy the music,
Raul: Do you have any particular MM recommendations within the $550-600 (new) range? The ones I know of are Ortofon 2M Black and Clearaudio Aurum Beta.

Stefani: I do have an ungraded counterweight. I had forgotten about the rewire option.

Thank you for your suggestions.
I would not discount the impact of the TT PSU. Can you order that separately for your p25? I am not that familiar with the rega current designs (I did have a p25 years ago).

I'd add this to the list to consider...Good luck!
I have considered a speed controller, Jfreck, but for the price, I'm not too far off from an upgrade to a pre-owned P7, which comes with a TT-PSU.
What I would do, is upgrade to the P7 and start with the Dyna cart you already have, it is a good one.

Then, when funds allow, feel free to upgrade your cart
Dear Johnbender: There are options on your budget, some of this options for second hand vintage " great " cartridges like these:

http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?anlgcart&1258377072&/Technics-EPC-205Cmk3 , yes I know that for this you need a removable headshell tonearm design. This kind of tonearm can give you advantages of what you have right now and the cartridge is something to own.

http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?anlgcart&1259282100&/Shure-V-15-Type-3 this one is a good option due that comes with the Jico SAS stylus replacement.

http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?anlgcart&1260017308&/B-O-mmc-20cl good cartridge if you can get for a lower price than what the seller ask.


the Reson Reca is very good option too, read here what a Rega owner say about ( Dr_joe ):

this one is extraordinary ( MMC2 ):

As you can see there are several good options.

Regards and enjoy the music,
I would recommend that you upgrade to the P5 instead of the P7 - it will cost you half as much, and you will get what most Rega dealers will tell you is alot more value for the money. It is a significant upgrade from the P2, I have had both in my system.
Wow! Thanks for these links, Raul.

Learsfool: Thanks for the recommendation. But I have a P25, not a P2. Do you think a stock P5 would outperform it?
Yes, I do believe so - the RB700 is a better arm, would be the main difference. I also use the TT-PSU, and would highly recommend that. A couple of different Rega dealers I know will tell you that the P7, while probably a better table than the P5, is not enough of an upgrade over it to justify the large price difference, and that you would need to go all the way up to the P9 to see a big quality difference.
Go for the P7 I would say. Spending more money on the p25 would seem a waste. I have owned a P25 and swtiched to a VPI Scout. I also thought about upgrading my P25 but I found out it is cheaper to just sell the P25 and buy a better turntable. A fully pimped P25 doesn't sell for much more then a standerd P25 I think.

I would skip the P5 and go straight for a P7, with the P5 you still need to buy the special motor controll unit to make it really good and with the P7 it comes as standerd.
Mordante: I've considered looking at the VPI, but haven't yet listened to one. I like the Rega sound. Can you tell me what you gained in your move from the P25 to the Scout?
I would not sell your P25 until you are completely satisfied with whatever turntable you buy, should you decide to go that route. I know of a few people who had sellers remorse after being let down by their "new" purchase. The P25 was replaced by the P5 so you basically have something with some degree of rarity.

The P7 will definitely sound different than your P25 but will it satisfy you, given the price difference. I prefer the P5 as the best buy in the Rega line. I own a P5 and a P3/2000, although I outfitted my P3 with an RB-700 tonearm a few years ago. I know someone who is considering selling his P7 because he is so distracted by the P7 platter.
Very sound advice, Frank. Thanks!

BTW, I've seen that P7 platter spinning, and I can see where it might be a tad distracting.

It has been a while since I moved from the P25 to the VPI Scout. I find it hard to discribe a difference in sound.
I use a Lyra Dorian in my Scout. The Scout is a bit smoother less in your face then the Rega I think. Rgea is more about attack, fast en detailed. The scout to my ears is more about music. When I'm shopping for new gear I never go for the warm sounding, or the in your face sounding gear. I want to hear the details as part of the music. I don't want to listen to independent sounds. Neither do I want an overly warm and lush sound.
When I hear an acoustic gitaar I want to hear the small sound (ting) when the player hits snare but only as part of music the instrument makes.

I think I get that from my Scout with Dorian, the scout has a good foundation, the Dorian takes the music out and let me hear it.

I hope this was of any help.
Yes, this was helpful, Mordante.

I need to get to a dealer and hear VPI for myself.