Upgrade mat or platter on pro-ject debut carbon?

I setup my pro-ject debut carbon today and was impressed with everything except that felt mat and the fact that the adapter for 45s was missing.

The included felt mat generates lint and seems to create a static charge on the vinyl attracting more dust...

What are some good alternatives to this mat? Should I just go ahead and change the platter to an acrylic one that does not need a mat?

I see where folks are selling acrylic mats for a fraction of the cost of the acrylic platter...will this serve the same purpose with the stock platter?
Where I live, static is always a problem especially during the winter months. I agree, the felt mat that Pro-ject supplies is pretty useless often doing more harm than good.

I really like cork mats for keeping both static and dust down. I recently tried one of these on one my tables and have been impressed with it. Very attractively priced too.


Good luck!
I would try a Herbies Mat. I put one on my old Music Hall and it was transformative. OTOH, it sucked on my Linn. Herbies offers money back, so there's minimal risk. The only thing is - the mat is tacky, so you can't pull the record off while it's spinning, that may or may not be a big deal for you. Good luck.
I put a Herbies Way Excellent II mat on my old Thorens TD 160 and it was a total game changer. I let a friend borrow it and he bought one also. Herbies makes different mats for different turntables and it's important to choose the right type, thickness, etc...