Upgrade Magnepan MG0.5 to MG12 useful?

Hallo everybody,
I'm from Belgium (the small country around Brussels, NATO-headquarters, y'know?) and about 8 months ago I bought a second-hand pair of MAGNEPAN 0.5 in The Netherlands (since in Belgium there are hardly any available). I'm incredibly happy with them! However, after having visited several (American) forums about Magnepan, I wonder if there are other people that own MAGNEPAN 0.5, because I can't seem to find any comments about them (I do find threats about 1.6, 1.5, 3.6,...). For the future (2003-2004?) I'm contemplating about an upgrade towards the MG12. Anyone who did the same and wants to share wether this upgrade was worthwhile?
I've noticed that no one has responded to your question. Your best bet would be to post this question on www.audioasylum.com under the planar forum. Good luck.