Upgrade Linn Adikt to ? with Scout/JMW 9

Hi People. I'm considering an upgrade from the Linn Adikt MM art I have now. It is mounted to a JMW 9 SCout combo with a SImaudio Mood LP 5.3. My phono stage can be changed to high or low MC for flexibility.

I think the sound of vinyl could be improved as it is not as good as most cd's through my Resolution Audio Opus 21 with GNSC mods.

I was thinking Dynavector 20 XL as VPI specs these with some tables. My question is.... would the Dynavector just be a sideways move?

I've read the forums regarding other suggestions from Benz, Lyra etc. My main focus is overall musicality in my system. I'm not into ultimate resolution or the widest, deepest soudstage. I just want the most engaging system, for the least money.

For what it's worth I have a Lavardin IS Reference and Living Voice IBX-R2 speakers with Audience Au-24 cabling.

Your thoughts are appreciated.
The Dynavector would be a big step up. I am both a Dynavector and VPI dealer but just to show I not prejudiced I am going to recommend something I don't sell. I have a Denon 103 set up to demo my Scout and Scoutmaster that I bought new on ebay for $150 and it is one of the biggest bargains in audio. It actually costs less than it did 25 years ago and is still an excellent cartridge ( check reviews). I find it works well in the Scout arm despite claims to the contrary.