upgrade JMW 10 to 10.5

I have a Aries with JMW 10 is the cost to upgrade to 10.5
worth it and what will give me.
Can't comment on the upgrade but you'd be surprised at the improvement that can be brought about to an Aries by using either a Seismic Sink or a Big Rock/Air Mass combination under the unit. The differences are nowhere close to being subtle.
I've got a Seismic Sinc and agree,Ive been told
the flywheel takes the motor off the SS and makes a differece. But I'm still wondering about 10.5. Also could
you share what phono cable you have had luck with on your
I have the 10.5 and never had a chance to compare directly with the 10.0 I do know that Weisfeld used a 12.5 on his new TNT V at the NYC Expo (sounded terrible but then again, it was a tiny little hotel room). As for phono cables, I like Nordost but that's probably because I have a tube phono stage (EAR) and Classe electronics.