Upgrade Internal DAC of Node or go with Atoll ST120.

Looking at upgrading to a external DAC for my Bluesound Node or picking up a all in one streamer/dac like the Atoll MS120 or ST200 or another brand all together. My price for all in one would be around $1500 and DAC only would be $1000. I stream via Qobuz. Big question would be what option between these two would sound best. 


Looking at upgrading to a external DAC for my Bluesound Node 

Several folks mentioned bypassing the DAC in the Blue Sound Node and using an alternate DAC, but no one explains how that is done. Can someone help a neophyte ?

There are three output options on the back of the Node --

- A pair of left and right analog outputs that use the internal DAC in the Node and connect to the right and left analog inputs of your amplifier.

- one coax and one optical digital output, either one of which can be connected to the input of an external DAC. Then the analog outputs of the DAC are connected to your amp.

Check out the images of the Node on a site like crutchfield.com


Has anyone looked at the MiND 2 Network Player from Simaudio ($2400 USD)?  Quite a jump in price from the Node but I'm wondering if this step up would unlock the performance of a very good DAC.

Any input on what setup on my list would sound best? Prefer a more neutral sound.



--DAC/Streamer Options—

Atoll MS120 or ST200

Lumin D2

--DAC only with Node—

Soncoz SGD1

Aune X8

Ares II