Upgrade-ing B&W P6

A friend of mine owns B&W Preference 6 loudspeakers for some time and now feels ready to "upgrade" them. Does anybody have experience with this specific speaker series (or similar B&W design)? When recommending, please, be specific what caps to use in the crossover, what cables/wires to use for inner speaker wiring, etc. Any suggestion/recommendation is welcome...
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the best advise is to listed to the 800 series. 801s 802s 803s 804s and the 805s or go lstd to the sig series, i have all and i have varied amouts of other brand speakers. they all sound god if you match them with the right gear. you could spend 25 grandf and have a speaker sound l;ike well s--t. if ya know what i mean. b&w makes a great speaker would cllass and customer service is the best. think before you jumt into the pot.

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Read the AudioReview.com posts for the original B&W CDM-1 speakers. There is a fairly detailed description of how to upgrade the crossover of the CDM-1. You can also contact the person who made the post for more information. The original CDM-1 and the P6 both use a First-Order crossover, so they should be similar in design.
I had a pair of P6's and loved them. My ex has them now and I upgraded to the 802 s 111's
I still want a pair of P6's for my bedroom.