Upgrade has begun. Questions.

New to all of this and need help/information.

Just made the first step in upgrade path. Received my Marantz SR6006 and now need a good Blu Ray player.
I have looked a the oppo 93 but am having a hard time justifying the expense versus say the panasonic 220.

Primary concern is sound quality(concert dvd) and internet connectivity (streaming movies). The sr6006 has ethernet but I don't know how this might affect my decision.

From a sound quality standpoint with concert dvd's is the oppo that much better than the panasonic using HDMI out or is the difference when using analog?

We have found that with regular concert dvd we prefer running the player in 2channel mode via coax to an external dac (Lite Audio Dac60). Will the hd audio be substantially better than what we are accustomed to? Do you still hd benefit if run in 2 channel?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of using the streaming capabilities of dvd players versus the ethernet connection of the marantz? Do I need both? Would like in the future to be able to archive my movies to hard drive and watch them on the tv.

Feel sure there will be many more questions as I try to learn more about all the new formats.

Thanks for any assistance.
ALlow me to recommend the Marantz UD5005 Blu-ray player with Netflix and Youtube streaming. Great for these features PLUS concert DVDs. I watch many of for the $$$ ($550.00 list I believe), it's the way to go. Just my input.
Steve the oppo for $500 is the best unit out there. Period. If you want to spend half that, then look to Panasonic and Samsung and possibly LG. REad reviews at hometheater.com. They often compare the unit being reviewed to the Oppo, which is their reference and you can decide from there.
I second the Oppo 93... I am a proud owner and thats mostly what I listen to..concert DVDs and streaming Youtube...If I could I would pull the trigger on the 95 just for the enhanced audio side of the unit for two channel purposes...
How does it stream youtube? What is the quality? Is this like playing youtube thru my mac computer ouputted to my dac?