Upgrade fuses in Active ATC SCM 50 speakers?

has anyone who owns a pair of active ATC loudspeakers upgraded the fuses with any of the audiophile quality/level of fuses? If so, sound better?
I have not tried. Given the mains fuse is before the power supply and not in the signal path I doubt that under normal conditions one adequate fuse versus another would be audible. It would obviously be a concern if it was.
The power supply is the first source and is always in the signal path. Anyway in which you can improve the power supply will make for an improvement in signal transfer. I have replaced all the fuses in my system with magnets. The greatest improvement was on the AC side of things rather than on the DC side. With my stated experience I would predict an improvement in your powered speaker system with an upgrade in fuse quality or onto magnets. Tom
Oh my god. yes. I just did it to my ATC 20s. And the results are out of this world. Like I never knew they could sound this good. Before the fuse change I was actually contemplating about getting Manger active monitors for my next purchase but now I just wanna stick to the ATC line instead. An ATC pro dealer had to come to change the fuses for me because it is so ridiculously hard to change the fuses that even a dealer from the home line gave up on trying. So it turns out according to the pro line dealer that it really is the flaw of the ATCs. He kinda semi-destroyed one of the fuse holder in one of the Loudspeakers but I am not very anal so it's fine. He has ordered me a replacement voluntarily and has also decided to lodge an official complaint to Billy Woodman himself, so in conclusion, the Furutech fuses transformed the speakers in a shocking way. Now listening to them is like attending a live event. I am getting goosebumps all the time now. It is that great! Do it Do it Do it!
PS. I am really wondering what will happen if I decide to upgrade the amp section next.