Upgrade from yamaha dsp-a1 av amp advise?

Would the pre amp of dsp-A1 yamaha be worth using if I upgraded to bryston? Probably not, so what would be good intgreted to move up to that sounds better? The yamaha sounds good with my rega planner 3, oppo cd,and paradigm studio60v2s. I dont have stores to listen and compare. I did hear bryston on my speakers but I dont know what preamp was used. I liked it. Would moon,creek exposure really be much better on my system? thanks
The DSP-A1 received many accolades for it's great sound and for good reason. I have two of them, and am using one with a McIntosh MC7200 direct-coupled amp (200 wpc @ 8 ohms/ 300 wpc @ 4 ohms) on the main channels. The sound couldn't be better. If you like the sound with your system, why not keep it? Try the Bryston amp with it, you may like that too!
Thanks,I heard rotel and bryston b60 on my speakers, and heard no upgrade compared to my older 3090 yamaha. The dspA1 throws good soundstage and deep bass from my rega tt and new moon lp3 pre amp and clearaudio wood cartridge. If I were to spend a lot more than $325 I paid for yamy used I want to hear major improvement.