Is the vpi prime a significant upgrade from the Scoutmaster.

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What is with the vpi bashing? I owned a prime scout and now a prime signature. Both tables are incredible value for the price, but more importantly they sound amazing. I was an lp12 user for the last twenty years and when that died my daughter and I went on an almost four year journey. Listening to Brinkman, well tempered, clearaudio and technics tables. The prototype of the vpi prime scout that we listened to which was less than half the price of some others we listened to stood out. We used it for a year and upgraded to the prime signature which gave us some more but the law of diminishing returns always apolies. This is the last table anyone needs. I like the unipivot. I am an engineer by profession and like what it does. No album is perfect from a flat surface or how the grooves are cut. The 2 side weights on the unipivot rock back and forth on some less than perfect records. I always wonder if that was a fixed bearing how much stress and twist that creates for the cantilever thereby straining the suspension and innards of the cartridge. Additionally with a fixed bearing when the cantilever twists how it might cause the stylus to damage the sidewall of the record groove. Finally the tonearm bearing would eventually loosen from the stress.

Mat at vpi has some solid engineers behind him that are veterans of the industry like Mike Bettinger. The new prime line are engineering marvels.

This is not only my opinion but those of many happy users like myself that are seasoned audiophiles for decades. Look at some of the reviews. 

It is maddening when people just trash a brand with no research or proof behind it just that they might have had an issue at one time it another. Vpi is second to none in customer care,dont care what industry you are in vpi should be used as the model. In the end its your ears and wallet that should prevail. 
@fsonicsmith You know when a person starts a personal attack on the other it is usually to cover up statements that have no substance.

I have owned an SME tonearm on an ariston and my opinion is that the VPI unipivot betters it or the Ittok or about half a dozen other gimbal arms I have owned.  Again this is my OPINION just as your argument is no more than YOUR opinion.  Give us something besides an opinion.