Upgrade from Threshold T3?

When I moved up to the Threshold T3 preamp I was gratified by its clarity, openness and imaging compared with the solid state unit I was using before. It was an improvement in every aspect, yet it didn't introduce any of the solid state nasties. It could be that I wont be able to improve much on it if I were to upgrade, but if there's something out there that's clearly better at no more than $3000 new or used I would want to look into it. I lean toward solid state but would consider anything, really. Thanks for your input.
If you like the sound of the T3 check out the T2. I have one and have no desire to change. You are not going to find anything better unless you get into serious money.
If you like the Threshold sound, Pass Labs and Coda both make amps with those same characteristics.
I had a T-3 and very satisfied with it, only in some vocal peaks it would notice a little rogh around the edges, otherwise,a smooth performer all around.
I found a company called Audible Illusions THeir preamps are tubed and unreal.
I jumped from the Threshold T-3 into a Classé and now I'm having a lot of fun with an AI L-2,
Retails for about $2,500 you can't go wrong.
I was surprised to hear the bass and the delicacy of the top end and the pressence on the mids, it's an unreal pre.

Take care