Upgrade from Thorens TD-125 Mk II

After returning to vinyl I liked that much that I would like to try something better then my Thorens TD-125 MK II.
But, not a Lenco project!!!

I am looking for a new or used turntable (no more then 5 years old) for no more then $1140 USD. Just the table - I already have a good tonearm.

Can I do any better then a NEW VPI Scout for $900?

Thank you
The SP-10 MK II is the last turntable you'll ever need.
It's a bulletproof classic with low noise, outstanding
speed stability, high torque and musical. They can be
tough to find in good condition but do appear occasionally
on eBay or Audiogon. Try to find one with the Obsidian
base (plinth).
I had a TD-126 MK II which I absolutly loved and wish I still had for sentimental reasons only. I replaced it with an SME10 and was truly amazed at the improvement in sound and the vanishingly low noise floor of the new table. This convinced me that there have been major improvments in design and materials used in TTs since Thorens was at the top.

I don't know about tables in your price range but would believe that you could achieve improvement in your vinyl system with a modern table. It would be ideal if you have a chance to compare your new one to your current Thorens so you could judge for yourself.

Good luck in your search.
I have a Thorens TD125 MKII w/ an SME3009 w/ Grado Sig8 cartridge. I have added the following mods:
1. The Enid Lumley mod - brass cartridge screws,
2. Glued cork to underside of platter,
3. Installed Mark Levinson silver interconnect cable
And without having to spend a substantial amount have something which is rather satisfying thru my Quicksilver monos, CJ PV5 pre, and highly modified KEF 104aB speakers.
Good luck.