Upgrade from Theta Data Basic II Transport - CEC?

I'd like to upgrade my CD transport. I currently have a Theta Data Basic II. I've heard a lot of good things about the CEC transports, but have never heard one. Has anyone compared the Theta Data Basic II against the CEC TL-2 or new TL-51X. Any other suggestions are also appreciated.

One other question, right now I am using the Furutech E-TP80. Would going to the Hydra-8 be an improvement? If so, would it be a bigger improvement than the CD transport? Thanks.
TL-51 would be a side step rather than a clear improvement over Basic II. I would go for TL-2 or Theta Jade. Alternativly, you can get a Genesis Digital Lens - it made a dramatic improvment inserted between my Theta Data Basic II CDT and Generation Va DAC.
I've had a few Theta transports over the years. My last switch was from a DaViD to a Carmen-II Of course this piece is also used for DVD sourcing to my H/T system but stands up very nice as a cd transport. I use Superior Dac's in my Casa Blanca II for support, Throw in the Dreadnaught and whats not to like?

Anyway food for thought,

Good luck