Upgrade from the myryad z110 to tube cd?

I am lookin to up grade from the myryad z110 player which retails for 850.00 to a tube player. The jolida is on top of my list. Will sound better using rca's then my myryad using an Aural thrills active digital? Also will I need all the modifications that I see on the Jolida like the level 1? I enjoy sound stage and nice highs. Please help Thanks Joe
My Jolida definately delivers a big soundstage. My C333ES sounds very flat and introverted in comparison.

Tubes make an appreciable difference in this player. I thought it came with Chinese tubes stock but when I opened it up, I was surprised to find Sovteks. I put some famed Sylvania 3 mica black plate 5751s in there and the soundstage gained huge depth. However, it proved to be too much of a good thing because the mids sounded too distant from the rest of the band. I kept feeling like I lost coherence.

Then I moved on to GE 5751WA 3 mica black plate tubes and the sound is now perfect! It is just what I had hoped it could be. I am so impressed with this player and these tubes. The soundstage is coherent and incredibly spacious, details abound, and music flows wonderfully well. Of all the CDPs I tried in my system, the Jolida is by far the best.

I don't think the other mods would add that much. Power cords do make a difference though. Good luck. Arthur