Upgrade from TAD 150 Signature

I am interested what preamp others upgraded from the TAD 150 Signature, price range , and what their findings were after the upgrade.
I'm going through that very thing right now. I'm using a Mapletree 4A SE tubed pre. It's a two chassis pre. It can use either 12SN7 or 6SN7 tubes(switch on back)and is tube rectified. The sound is much more relaxed and the soundstage is wider and deeper. It does have drawbacks only one input other than phono and no remote.The one input can be taken care of through a multi input switcher but you are adding more connections to the signal path. I can live with out the remote as the sound is much better.More info here:
Interesting product. You mention that the sound is more relaxed. I listen mostly to classic rock and like punch in my music. My speakers are Vandy 3 sigs and I have the Hibachi amps... What is the rest of your system like?
Just curious, are you feeling an itch to upgrade or is there something in particular that you feel you're not getting from the TAD-150? I've used this preamp for several years and the only area where I think it could use some help is with respect to the phono stage, which isn't very quiet (at least to my ears). If you have a similar sense of the unit's limitations, you might think about adding an external phono stage.

I have had this unit just ove 5 years. I have not had anything else to listen to in my current system. I am just curious to see if anyone has upgraded and if the upgrade was indeed an upgrade, a lateral move or a downgrade.

i think the relaxed sound comes from tube rectification,not really sure.I have plenty of punch!!! About my system McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe power amp,powered through a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet,Raysonic CD-128 cd player,PS Audio Power Plant Premier for power to everything but the amp,Speakers are Magnepan MG-12s with modified crossovers and Mye stands,and dual Velodyne Mini-Vee 8" subs.
I also listen to classic rock,symphonic prog,jazz,fusion classical,well you get the idea.