Upgrade from TAD 150 Signature

I am interested what preamp others upgraded from the TAD 150 Signature, price range , and what their findings were after the upgrade.
I just aquired a TAD 150 Signature preamp. I have had the following parade of preamps through my system over the past 2 years; Modwright 9.0 with upgraded caps and tube power supply, Emotive Audio Sira, Cary SLP 98 with direct coupled caps, Supratek Chardonnay and now Chenin, AI M-3, Cary 50, Music Design SP 2B Platinum with blackgates and teflon, all mated with my CJ Premier 8A XS monoblocs (with Teflon Caps) driving a pair of Magnepan 20Rs or my "Millerized" glorious Dahlquist DQ 10s. After listening to the TAD 150 Signature it is superior to everything I have had in my system. Crystal clear shimmering highs, seductive middrange, ultra tight bass, and a hugh soundstage. In my opinion it is the upgrade.
Thanks Bbro. I was considering a couple of the preamps on the list so I will keep the TAD...