Upgrade From Systemdek IVe - Updated Question

Thank you for the replies of my previous question on this subject.
I still have some confusion as to which way to go given all the nuances behind turntable performance and selection so I want to simplify the question and greatly appreciate your opinion.
If I did install a Graham 2.0 or 2.2 arm on the Systemdek (the ones I can afford) or a Micro Seiki 505 (which I also think very highly of) how would the Systemdek with either of these 2 arms compare to either the VPI Scoutmaster with 10 inch arm or the older VPI Aries 1 with a 10 inch arm? I am very fond of VPI for several reasons (built quality, service, performance, etc.) so I am simplifying my question by asking for a comparison against 2 specific tables I like.
Against these 2 VPI tables how favorably, or not so favorably would the Systemdek with either a Graham or Micro Seiki arm compare? Please be as specific as you can with the reply.
Thank you very much.