Upgrade from Spica TC-60's.

I've got a pair of Spica TC-60's driven by a Classe CAP-100 which I'd like to upgrade to floor standing speakers (I think I'd really enjoy more bass). My room limits me to only 12-18 inches from the rear wall and 7 feet to the listening position (several feet to either side wall). My budget is probably $1500 used. Any recommendations. Thanks!

By the way, my listening tastes include everything from small group jazz, blues and rock, to classical and opera.
Hi Easy. I added a powered subwoofer (a REL strata3) to my Spica Angelus speakers and now I have great bass added to the wonderful midrange and imaging of the Spicas. If you really like all aspects of the TC-60s apart from the lean bass then a powered sub might be another option. My REL was $800 used. By the way my bass response now goes down to around 20Hz, much lower than any floorstander I've heard in this price range, and great for any live recordings, where the venue size and scale are present in the lowest frequencies.
Sean's probably right, but if you really want to start over I'd recommend the new Spendor S6 floorstander. Sweet, images like crazy, and not too bright up top. $1500 list/pr.
keep the spica's,add a vandersteen 2W.600.00 used.Good luck
Totem Sttaf. I see a pair for sale boxed.
Might be a little cramped near the back wall but may I recommend the Meadowlark Kestrals.
I recently upgraded from a pair of SPica tc-50s...and although their imaging and soundstaging abilities are impressive...over time their lack of detail,bass, and dynamics proved to be too much...some have mentioned adding a sub...and this is personal preference...I prefer the cohesive nature of a full range speaker...that being said...your listening space is less than ideal...and most good floorstanders...such as the Kestral...require more space than u currently have...in your case...maybe a decent sub would be the answer...
I added a sub to my TC-50s and couldn't be happier. I chose a Velodyne servo sub (fsx12) because at least for the 50s, I wanted to use the high pass crossover so my main system wouldn't have to handle below 85 HZ.
I second the vote for REL subwoofer, Srata III. I set mine up 6 months ago, took a couple of hours to 'dial' in, have only made three or four adjustments since. The Spica TC60 is a music lover's speaker - keep them.
I purchased a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 8's about 1 month ago for about 1400, and wow are they incredible and only getting better. In my own opinion I thought they sounded better to the comparable B&W's at the same price, forget the model CDM... I have noticed that there is not alot of discussion about Monitor Audio but I feel they deserve a listen. Good luck