Upgrade from Spendor SP 1/2, what's next?

I currently have a pair of original SP 1/2's and am upgrading from a Cayin TA-30 to a Cayin a88t to drive them. Listen mostly to classical and jazz vocals and love the sweet mellow warm sound. I'm considering trying a new speaker and was thinking of going to a floor stander. What Spendor floor standing speaker (or other maker) would you recommend? The room is 20' x 14' with 10' ceiling, wood floors, minimal furniture.
My room is about the same size,I have owned many spendors including floor standing,S8e's,S6e's,etc.I like the S3/5R's better than any floor standing speaker in my room,remember small room small speaker.
Can you tell us your budget? I have some thoughts but would need to know how much you want to spend.
I owned both the Spendor S8e and S5e before settling on the SP1/2E.

Over on Audio Asylum I posted a review that compares the SP1/2E side-by-side with the S8e. While both are very good speakers, the 1/2 was my choice. (You'll find it in the Review section under Speakers/Spendor.)

Since I posted the review a year ago, I've found nothing to change. I've thought here and there about adding a subwoofer but for the bulk of music I play even that is a pretty low priority.

What change or improvement are you looking for?
I've owned various models of the Spendor Classic Series, including the 1/2e which is a fabulous speaker. It was replaced in my system by the Audiokinesis Jazz Modules which are floor standers. I think these would more than meet your needs sonically, but without knowing your budget can't say if they are in your price range.

If you are willing to wait it out and want to stay in the Spendor family, I would keep my eye out for a pair of 9/1 floor standers.
Thanks for the responses so far. I would peg budget at no more that $5k and I'm a big believer in buying used (which is the best part of audiophile disease--let someone else take the first hit on the depreciation, hehe).

Like I said, I do love the Spendors so it's gonna take something spectacular to impress me. The Spendors were rather difficult to place in the room, however. I think the 9/1s might be too big.
I'm still not quite sure what you're looking to improve in terms of sound quality.

Also, what was difficult about placement? The SP1/2 has fairly tight dispersion characteristics and is less sensitive to side wall asymmetry than many other speakers when one is in the sweet spot. If a room is difficult for Spendors, it is likely going to be problematic for many other speakers, though the anomalies may be different in character.

I think the answers you receive will improve if people have a better of idea of the improvement you're seeking.
You love the speakers, & you're using a moderate power tube amp (I think--I'm not that familiar w/Cayin's), in a fairly large room.

Merlins. Merlins love tubes. The VSM's, or maybe the TSM's would work for you. I haven't heard SP 1/2's, so can't compare.....
I think maybe Mlsstl has hit the nail on the head. That is, I'm not sure what I'm after because the speakers I have are the only ones I've spent a lot of time listening to. None of my friends have systems to speak of. I guess what I'm hoping is that the suggestions I get here will help me decide where to begin so I can narrow the auditioning down to a reasonable number.

In terms of placing the Spendors, I had to move them to the long wall. There is no effectively no side wall interference. They are nearly 3 feet from the back wall. I like what the Spendors provide in terms of mellow midrange, but I could go for a bigger sound--a wider soundstage, I think. Sometimes, too much of the sound is still trapped in the speaker.
I think. Sometimes, too much of the sound is still trapped in the speaker.
I think we're getting somewhere now, though that brings up an issue none of us can do much about - the quality of recordings.

Far too many recordings, even in the jazz and classical world, tend to be both very closely miked and multi-miked. What we hear is the results of music that is miked in a fashion that we do not hear live. Even if you sit in the middle of a live orchestra, you are close to some instruments, further from others, and you'll never get the multi-miked mixing console version at a live acoustic concert.

I find the Spendors very good about showing me what is on a recording and often, while quite engaging, it isn't very close to what one would hear live.

You might want to audition a speaker with broader dispersion to get a "bigger" sound. However, it is going to be critical that you audition them in your home since such speakers necessarily involve the room reflections to create their effect. What works wonderfully in one room may be a disaster in another.

However, I suspect that you may find you address one problem only to find that you lose some of that midrange magic that you enjoy so much now.

Good luck in your search!
Try a good subwoofer. Spendor SP1/2E + REL Stentor worked for me, creating a solid foundation and seemingly improved soundstage. Let us know how your changes work out.
I will try some auditioning. I suspect that I might find the new amplifier (which I've not yet received) may also have a significant impact. Who knows, maybe it doesn't get any better than the SP 1/2's--that's not a bad thing!

Goheelz, thanks for the subwoofer suggestion. I should have added that I have a REL Strata II.
The REL suggestion is a good one. You have the speakers on the long wall which is preferable and far enough from the back wall, although I was able to get mine out to 5' and this increased depth. Play around with toe-in as this may help too. Even 1/8' increments can make a difference. I had mine toed-in about 20 degrees.

Personally, I never got what I desired out of my 1/2e speakers with moderately powered tube amps, even in a smallish room. IMO these speakers perform better with solid state amps, about 150 watts give or take to start.
Personally, I never got what I desired out of my 1/2e speakers with moderately powered tube amps, even in a smallish room. IMO these speakers perform better with solid state amps, about 150 watts give or take to start.
Interesting - I went exactly the opposite. I had a Bel Canto S300 at 150 watts per channel and went to an Image 65i with 6550 outputs and 50 watts a channel. I'm very pleased with the current setup and have no urge to change out either amps or speakers.

As they say, horses for courses. ;-)
I am using SP 1/2 Es with a pair of REL Stadium subs, works very well. Use either MF M3 Nuvista [275 watts] or 4 Meridian 605 mono amps [300 total a side] to drive them. I would try a GOOD high powered transistor amp and see what I thought of the sound. I have several other speakers but these are the ones I spend the most time listening to. You are not going to get the same sound from another speaker, make sure you know what you are looking for before you switch.
I had the 3/5R's using 50 watt tube amps they have a big sound and placement is not an issue they are a sealed type which I always prefer to ported.Check them out I think you will like these very much.
I have been a Classic Spendor guy since 1980. I have also tried Harbeths, but preferred Spendor. You own one of the very greatest transducers ever made

Read this: http://www.regonaudio.com/SpendorSP12Loudspeakers.html

I have two suggestions. Buy a musical sub (e.g., ACI or REL). And try Speltz Anti-Cable speaker cable. They opened up my 1/2s and 100s -- utterly transforming the speakers from fantastic to mind-blowing. No joke. Been in the hobby for 35+ years and that cable is the single most significant upgrade I have ever made. Read the testimonials.

By the way, my Cary 300SEI (with 11 wpc) and the ACI sub are an intoxicating combo with the 1/2s. Put your wallet away, my friend. It ain't the speakers!
I've had Spendors for quite sometime. Great speakers, on the warm side of the spectrum.
Suggest you audition a pair of harbeth SHL5s- quite different frm the spendor line, more detailed and transparent but still has that beautiful midrange.
Thanks for all the excellent advice that I have come to know from A'gon.

These SP 1/2's are originals too (not E, not R, etc.). I bought them used in 1999. I had first heard Spendors about 10 years prior to that (no idea what model they were, but I think they were a sealed model).

I'm excited to see what the new amp (Cayin a88t) will do for them with the upped wattage (over the Cayin TA-30).

Will keep you posted.
For the spendors to come alive, a good s/s amp is more recommended that the Cayin amp. I have friends with Cayin amp on spendors, while the midrange is ok, the dynamics and details kinda suffers a lot.
Suggest you consider a good 100-150w s/s amp for the Spendors. To begin with, they have a smooth sound to them so tubes can be omitted. YMMV
I have owned the Spendor SP1/2e and loved them. Used a Pass x250 amp and also a Rogue Stereo 90. The had the midrange magic, excelent top end and tight bass. But they couldnt handle low octives. If you get a subwoofer with a crosover that might work. I wouldnt and didnt do it. After many speaker auditions I bought a pr of used Revel F52's They wond have the depth of midrange (Could be my cabling) but they are oustanding in every other way. Top to bottom, imaging, bass response is awsome my tuned room is 11 x16 with an opening in back to another room
I've had the SP1/2e for 10 years and run them with many amps. They always deliver musicality. Had the with Naim 135, 72 and loved it........until I used an old Scott 299 while the Naim gear was in the shop. At this point, I use the Spendors with Radio Craftsmen c500a. It is amazing how loud 10 wpc is on the Spendors! The nicest thing about these is that you will love them with whatever amp you have now as they are not a demanding load, but if you ever buy something better, the Spendors will deliver.
Neither are floor standers, but your obvious progression is Harbeth next, then to Audio Note.
Don't know if the OP is still looking but I had the Spendor 1/2E's in my system for about 4 years and they are excellent speakers with really only one weakness - they don't do the bottom octave. Since I listen to classical music (lots of orchestra) the bottom octave is essential for the most realistic sound. I tried and tried to get a subwoofer to integrate but was never successful. So, my upgrade was to Vandersteen 3A Sigs. The Vandy's do everything the Spendor's did in the mids and high (i.e. supremely natural and musical) but add the missing bottom end that the 1/2's didn't render. I've had the Vandy's now for several years with no urge to change.
...but your obvious progression is Harbeth next, then to Audio Note.

Or maybe to Reynaud.
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